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   Chapter 1838 A Bumper Harvest From The Medicine Garden

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As Austin walked around, he could see that he was in a tranquil medicine garden. It appeared ancient and peaceful.

In the middle of the medicine garden, there was a two-story, exquisite bamboo building. Beside it there were a few stationary bamboo plants.

In the path leading up to the building, there was an elegant, small pond. The place looked like it belonged to a hermit.

When Austin looked around, he saw there was a beautiful sunglow. It resembled the stars all over the sky and it was sparkling everywhere. Austin's eyes glowed in it.

He knew that the herbs that glowed were high-grade superior herbs. His eyes grew greedy at the sight of them.

A burst of beautiful music echoed through the garden and distracted him. He looked around, expecting an enemy to jump out of the building.

However, the music was also caused by the high-grade herbs in the garden.

Austin remembered that rays of sunglow and music could be found on rare materials and precious superior herbs.

Glancing around, he noticed that everything around him was above the sixth or seventh grade of superior herbs. His jaw dropped again.

He tried to count them but they moved too fast, sprinting and ducking into corners. In the end, he managed to account for more than twenty.

Using his previous herb knowledge, he identified the running ones as semi-omnipotent herbs.

If there were holy lords and reclusive elders in the garden, they would pass out at the sight of the semi-omnipotent herbs. He was glad that he was alone.

He had heard the extremely old cultivators talk about semi-omnipotent herbs. By the sound of it, they would kill to obtain them.

The reason for the craziness surrounding the herbs was because they could prolong a life.

Previously, in the Northern Mine District of the East Mainland, Austin had witnessed how Brady brought back Elder Sharp of the Flame Holy Land by using two semi-omnipotent herbs.

Therefore, it was not hard for him to imagine how valuable the semi-omnipotent herb was.

"Okay. We're going to take the semi-omnipotent herbs first. They're the most important,"

Austin ordered with greed on his face. The group of semi-omnipotent herbs cowered in the corner, trembling so violently that it looked like they were going to explode. Drool almost dripped from Austin's open mouth as he stared at them.


In an instant, Violet and the gnome appeared. They charged at the herbs and the herbs cowered even further.

Utilizing his bodily movement skill, Austin joined them.

They ran and leaped and climbed around the garden, chasing down the herbs. Occasionally, one would slip out of their grasps at the last second and they would grunt and chased it down again. After a while, they had wrangled twenty-five semi-omnipotent herbs.

Austin gathered them all and put them in his Herb Ring. He looked at it with satisfaction before Violet pulle

t floor, there were four rooms.

The first room they entered was a living room. In it, there was simple furniture and clean windows; the shadows of the bamboo plants were swaying on the windows, making it look very elegant.

As they explored, they found that one of the other rooms was a bedroom.

Then there was a secret practicing room where several cleverly designed energy-gathering arrays were arranged.

Austin walked around the last room, picking up items and examining them. Before long, he had determined it was a pill refining room.

'Is the owner of this place a pill refiner?!' Austin thought, staring wide-eyed at Violet and the gnome. It appeared that they hadn't caught on yet.

In the center of the room, an old elixir tripod sat. Austin looked closer at it and was surprised at what he saw.

Though the tripod looked very old, the shadows of a dragon and a phoenix emerged from it and flew about. They seemed to be playing with each other.

"Grade five, six, seven, eight, nine!"

In a corner, there were jade bottles of all different sizes set on a wide table. As he opened the bottles and looked inside, his heart thumped against his chest.

Every single bottle contained high-grade superior pills.

Austin couldn't believe it because fifth-grade superior pills were already extremely precious.

In the entire East Mainland, there were only two fifth-grade superior pill refiners. The three holy lands and three clans were constantly competing for the two superior pill refiners.

He even had knowledge that the ancient sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land only possessed a handful of sixth-grade superior pills.

The higher the pill-grade, the more top cultivators would be drawn to them. Austin was seeing what many people alive had never and would never see.

This room had pills all the way up to grade-nine!

Austin collected all the superior pills so quickly that he nearly dropped them.

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