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   Chapter 1837 A Great Fortune

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"Brady, I need your help. Can you handle the elder in the grey robe from the Crimson Palace?"

Austin said. As he flew towards the purple light curtain against his will, he had no choice but to send a message using his spiritual sense to Brady, who was in the Slave Tower.

"I'm afraid I'm slightly weaker than him.

But I have another option. Master, you can come to the Slave Tower and escape the purple light curtain,"

Brady replied in an urgent tone.

"I don't know about that. The purple light curtain seems very powerful. Can the Slave Tower defend against it?"

Austin asked, looking at the monstrous purple light ahead of him.

"Don't worry, my master. The Slave Tower is stronger than you think.

And the main function of the purple light curtain was to prevent the people outside from breaking in.

It won't hurt you once you are here. The Slave Tower will save you from having to fight against the purple light curtain directly.

What I can do is help you get rid of the power the elder in grey robe has put on your body. And then all you have to do is use the teleportation skill to transport yourself into the Slave Tower,"

Brady answered.

Upon hearing this, Austin was finally reassured. Relief washed over his face and he took a deep breath.


His moment of solitude was interrupted by five cultivators' screaming when they touched the purple light curtain.

Immediately, the purple light curtain burst out and numerous beams of purple light shot in every direction. Austin had to duck to avoid being hit by one of them. The others weren't so lucky; their bodies were stabbed by the beams. In an instant, they were killed, and then with a wave, their bodies were turned into nothingness by a mysterious energy.

"I knew it! There really is something strange!"

the elder in the grey robe exclaimed as he focused his eyes on that purple light curtain. His face was grave and Austin knew he had run out of ideas to break the purple curtain.

It didn't take more than a few seconds for Austin to reach the curtain. Through his closed eyes, he could see the streaks of purple light reach for him.

Not wasting any more time, Austin activated his mind and tried to transfer himself into the Slave Tower.

At the same time, Brady helped him get rid of the suppressing power on his body.

But to their surprise, at the same time, the Fire Stela that should be in Austin's elixir field suddenly burst out and appeared above his head.


The Fire Stela emitted golden light that shone meters away from Austin. The light

urther than that.

In the Crimson Palace, only the leader and some of the elders can get in touch with that kind of magic treasure. I don't understand how this boy could get hold of it,"

the elder in the grey robe added after a while. He shook his head and sighed.

"It doesn't matter. I've seen the magical treasure today, and I won't let it go.

If we can obtain the stela from that brat, I believe the strength of our palace will increase tremendously!"

the elder added as his eyes glinted with greed. He looked longingly at the purple light curtain.

"Yes. If we can get that stela, it will certainly enhance the strength of our Crimson Palace."

The other seven masters nodded eagerly and rubbed their hands together in excitement.

"That means we need to try our hardest to break through the purple light curtain and get inside. Once we do that, we can kill that brat and get the stela!"

the elder in grey announced.

The rest nodded in agreement and some of them even cheered.

Inside the purple light curtain, Austin was still lying on the ground, trying to catch his breath. He stretched his limbs, feeling less tired than before. Eventually, he stood and looked at where he had fallen on.

"Ha-ha! I got inside safe and sound."

He could tell by sweeping his eyes quickly over the area that he was alone.

"It's semi-omnipotent herbs!

Wow, Master. There are so many semi-omnipotent herbs here. We're so lucky! It's a great fortune!"

Violet cried out.

"Hey, buddy, we're really going to make a fortune!"

the gnome also yelled.

"God! There are more than twenty semi-omnipotent herbs here. This is more than we'll ever need!"

Austin added, glad to be lucky for once.

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