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   Chapter 1835 The Grand Killing Array In The Valley

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While the middle-aged man spoke, his eyes were fixed on Austin.

Besides the middle-aged man, there were about eight masters who were also at the Heavenly Grotto Realm nearby. They looked at Austin in surprise as he stood there silently.

'Damn it. What are the chances there would be so many Heavenly Grotto Realm masters here?'

Austin thought, looking into the distance as if he would find the answer in the blue sky.

'It's going to be almost impossible to defeat them if I fight or to escape with my life.

All right. I have to do something. Maybe I should go and figure out what they are up to.

After all, it doesn't look like they are planning on killing me, ' Austin decided, nodding his head.

He met the eyes of the middle-aged man and turned his face serious.

"Got it," he responded.

Then, without another word, he walked towards the entrance of the valley. His feet moved silently over the grass and even though he didn't know what he was about to face, he held his head high.

"You don't look like a stupid person to us. Did you know we are from the Crimson Palace?

The consequences will be serious if you don't listen to us," the young man warned, sneering at Austin.

Austin didn't glance over his shoulder at the young man. Instead, he kept walking.

"Quickly! Let's go and catch more people nearby."

Before taking off in the direction of the valley, the young man gestured for his crew to follow him.

'They're from the Crimson Palace. There's no way.'

Almost immediately, fear ripped through Austin.

Austin had heard a lot about the old top sects located in the Middle Pilgrim Land—enough to make his blood turn to ice at the idea of them.

The Crimson Palace was a powerful sect with a long history. There were many elders and powerful cultivators beyond what Austin could even imagine.

Out of all the sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land, this sect ranked in the top ten.

There was even a rumor that they had an Immortal Transforming Realm master in this sect.

Without a doubt, the Crimson Palace was much stronger and more advanced than any holy land or prominent clan in the East Mainland.

Austin had expected the cultivators to be impressive but he hadn't expected this. He shook his arms to rid himself of the nerves that were now present.

When Austin reached the entrance of the valley, he stopped. It was vast and mostly empty, stretching out to kiss the blue sky on the horizon. The middle-aged man who was at the Heavenly Grotto Realm glanced at him and Austin looked back.

"Find somewhere safe and stay there. Don't walk around, or you'll lose your life faster than you can breathe," the middle-aged man warned Austin.

Then he looked into the depths of the valley and said no more. It was clear that he believed wholeheartedly that Austin wouldn't even think about attempting to run away from him.

Before any of them could move

looked all around them on the ground. It was clear that he had stepped on a hidden Grand Killing Array.

Like fireworks, the runes lit up and hit the prisoners one at a time. They dropped onto the ground at the feet of the other cultivators until more than one hundred cultivators were killed.

All this had happened so quickly that no one had time to let out a scream.

Just like before, the bodies disappeared, sucking their blood, bones, and souls into oblivion.

The rest of the group turned and stampeded towards the entrance of the valley. If they took any longer, the array would reach them and they would all be killed.

'The killing array in this valley is too powerful!'

Austin sighed inwardly, feeling his heart race in his chest.

"We found a killing array here!"

one of the two middle-aged men shouted between heavy breaths at the entrance of the valley.

In the valley, the eight Heavenly Grotto Realm masters from the Crimson Palace who were sitting cross-legged in mid-air, nodded. They seemed too calm for the situation at hand.

Then four of them effortlessly flew in the direction of the Grand Killing Array and stopped when they reached it. Since they weren't standing on the ground, the array didn't get triggered and hurt them.

One of them took out a dark, iron ruler and threw it in the air. It flipped over a couple times before a roar emitted from it. With a bang, the ruler turned into a ferocious dragon. It bared its fangs and pounced at the Grand Killing Array.

'That is an ultimate magical treasure.'

Austin hadn't been expecting that the iron ruler turned out to be an ultimate magical treasure. He watched motionlessly as the dragon battled the array, snapping its jaws and flying skillfully to avoid its attacks.

Since the Grand Killing Array was so strong, four masters of the Heavenly Grotto Realm used their most powerful skills to help the dragon and attempt to defeat it.

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