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   Chapter 1834 Crises Everywhere

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Along his way, Austin noticed that his entire path was surrounded by barren hills, cliffs and primeval forests. In fact, most of the area around him was dead!

And there were swamps everywhere. If there weren't swamps, then on the charred earth around him, there were deep and large gullies.

'It looks like a fierce and great battle took place around here. Everything seems so... dead!'

This idea hit Austin's mind out of nowhere when he looked around and saw the stunning black gullies in the distance. Along with that, several huge peaks far away from him seemed like they had been cut flat from the middle.

Another striking feature of the terrain around him was that the entire vast plain was covered in some sort of thick, scarlet mist, which was continuously drifting here and there and he could not see too far from where he was standing; at least not clearly.

The smell of this bitter bloody red mist was exactly the same as the smell of human blood. Whatever had happened here, several humans had died.

There was no doubt that the red mist that shrouded the ground was actually formed by human blood evaporating with time and filling the very air of this place.

At the same time, Austin heard several shrill cries resounding from the plains covered in scarlet mist and far away from him.

It was the sort of place no one dared to break into without permission or proper protection. The place was dangerous, deadly, and dead!


Austin was standing on a large and desolate mountain, made up of barren grey stones and looking far into the distance. Suddenly, a loud noise made by some sort of bird resounded with a ferocity that could crack the stones beneath his feet.

Then, a creepy chill fell all over the sky.

Austin hurriedly looked up, and saw a giant, ferocious-looking bird flying across the sky at a rapid pace. It was large enough to instantly cover more than half of the visible sky. Its feathers were colorful and shiny. But the ground had become dark underneath, as if night had come early.

Austin was shocked. What a huge bird! It was like a huge cloud had covered the whole area and it was about to rain.

"Wait! There are more than one!"

As Austin gazed into the distance, he was immensely startled by what he saw. There were similar clouds in the distant sky and from the looks of them, they were also the same kind of giant birds.

All of a sudden, one of those huge birds dove down from the sky and grabbed at something on the ground with a pair of glittering claws, shining like solid gold, and cold as steel.


A scream arose from that place.

Then the giant bird leaped into the sky once again, but this time, with doze

re as long and thin as that of a ghost and seemed blank and deadly.

There were more than ten cultivators standing on either side of him in perfect symmetry. They all held giant bows in their hands and were looking at Austin with murderous looks, sneering at their enemy.

"You can't turn back. My senior wants you to go in there,"

said the young man as he pointed towards the entrance of the valley, where a middle-aged man was miraculously sitting in the air with his legs crossed.

The latter's strength was at the Heavenly Grotto Realm. He must have been the senior master.

"I don't know you guys. What's the matter?"

Austin controlled his anger and asked in a calm tone.

"Just do as we say and get in there. You have no right to ask or choose. We rule this place!"

The young man got impatient immediately. He seemed to be looking down at Austin, completely ignoring his question.

"What if I don't?"

Austin got angry too and his heart became filled with a killing intent. He stared at the young man fiercely.

The latter was instantly terrified to pieces by Austin's murderous stare and felt like he was being looked at by a wild beast.

This was the murderous will that Austin had developed through years of killing.

"Damn it! Do you want to die?

Because I can help you with that immediately!"

The young man now lost control. He immediately took out a feather arrow from his back, put it in the huge bow in his hand, and aimed at Austin.


What happened?"

The middle-aged man, who Austin had guessed to be a great master, somehow sent out his gaze, which pierced through space and fell right on Austin.

"Don't kill him. Let him come over to me. He might prove useful!"

The middle-aged man looked Austin from head to toe and then ordered.

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