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   Chapter 1833 Cultivation Of The Thunder Unicorn

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More than twenty miles away, remnants of blood and bones were scattered everywhere.

It was a ghastly sight with all the lifeless dismembered bodies lying on the ground.

In an open space nearby, there were a dozen people seated on the ground as they tried to heal themselves.

Some of them had minor ones while some were badly injured.

All of a sudden, a loud rumble could be heard from a distance, and the ground started to shake.

"Damn it! It seems like those things are coming again!"

The cultivators who were sitting on the ground instantly opened their eyes. They looked at a distance with fear in their eyes.

"Quickly! Let's go! Gather together. Those hideous things are coming back!"

a young man warned everyone.

He quickly moved towards the opposite direction from where the noise came from.

Everyone was panicking and immediately followed suit.

"Damn you! Austin. Mark my words. I will make sure that you will die in my hands!" one of them said through gritted teeth and then started to run away.

His eyes were blazing with fury. He was Christopher from the Arcane Holy Land.

A lot of disciples from the Arcane Holy Land died ruthlessly in the hands of the thunder beasts.

Around five or six students from the White Tiger School had been killed.

No one was left unscathed. All the survivors, including Alan, were injured.

Thankfully, for some unknown reason, all of the thunder beasts suddenly withdrew.

Otherwise, the fate of the remaining students from the White Tiger School would have been devastating.

Christopher loathed Austin after he witnessed how the disciples of the Arcane Holy Land had been mercilessly killed. He blamed him for causing the death of his people.

At that moment, Austin was also on the run.

He used his bodily movement skill on its full capacity to get away from the thunder beasts that were trailing behind him.

Finally, after half a day of travel, he was able to heave a sigh of relief and slowed down.

He found no sign of thunder beasts behind him through his spiritual sense.

Then he went into a remote area and transported himself into the Slave Tower.

In an instant, he was standing in front of dozens of cultivators from the Deep Sea Commercial House.

"Holy Heritor! Thank you for saving us."

The men from the Deep Sea Commercial House bowed to Austin respectfully.

"I saw that you were with Mr. Ren before we entered.

Did you get separated?"

Austin asked.

"We didn't see the other guys after we were transported here.


time I will let you eat the magic thunder fruit."

Austin became very excited, and his eyes were full of anticipation.

According to the Essence of Superior Pill, the magic thunder fruit was closely guarded by the thunder beast. This was the most precious treasure to them because it contained a tremendous amount of thunder and lightning energy.

It was a very rare herb for those living creatures who specialized in practicing the cultivation methods and martial skills of thunder and lighting.

Austin had wiped out over two thousand thunder beasts that were guarding the thunder fruit.

It was a bountiful harvest as he got about ninety magic thunder fruits.

Under Austin's supervision, the thunder unicorn started to eat its first magic thunder fruit.

Once it swallowed the fruit, it then raised its head and gave out a deafening roar.

Its whole body expanded rapidly and emitted thousands of lightning bolts.

The whole secret room had been consumed by thunder and lightning.

"What the hell is that? It's so terrible.

I don't think the thunder unicorn can eat a lot of magic thunder fruits at once.

The effect is too strong; it is very likely that it will explode."

Austin was shocked when he saw what happened through his spiritual sense.

So he controlled the thunder unicorn and only allowed it to eat the magic thunder fruit slowly and carefully.

Austin estimated that it would take a few days before the thunder unicorn could finish all the magic thunder fruits.

As there was nothing to do, Austin used the Aura Disguising Skill to disguise himself and pretended to be a common young man.

Then he left the Slave Tower and continued his adventure.

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