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   Chapter 1832 The Magic Thunder Fruit

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'What?' If they weren't so sure of their emotions, then the word would have certainly echoed out.

Alan's remark severely stunned the students of the White Tiger School and the disciples of the Arcane Holy Land.

The next moment, came an unlikely noise.


The earth began to shake. In the distance, a dazzling sea appeared which, on closer inspection, turned out to be lightning. The weirdest part was that it seemed to be made up of human shaped creatures and was rapidly approaching them from a distance.

It was then, that Austin was seen to appear. The students and the disciples saw that he was running in front of the human shaped creatures, as if they were chasing him.

"Didn't you just say that you wanted me to find out how talented the students of your school are? Didn't you just want me to witness your abilities?

By that, I hope you meant the ability to escape like a coward!"

Austin called out and kept running forward.

Dozens of those weird, human shaped creatures were chasing after him. They were surrounded by strange lightning and continuously tried to rush out and hit Austin.

Austin's head and his back had been burnt black by the lightning. Smoke was rising in the air and a smell of burnt flesh was drenching their nostrils.

However, one thing Austin was glad of was the fact that the speed of these human shaped creatures seemed to be square with his own; perhaps a bit less but certainly not more. In all likelihood, these creatures belonged to a race that was not good at tracking and chasing.

Even so, he was unable to get rid of his pursuers. He would have to find another way.

"Oh, my God!

What are those things?" someone exclaimed in horror.

"Never mind that! Run!"

Ignoring Austin's remarks, they began to run. They had no other choice.

At a single glance, they had realized that something dangerous was approaching.

Although they were very good at cultivation, the only one among them who was actually able to compete with Austin in terms of speed was Alan.

As a result, it wasn't long before Austin caught up with the remaining students and disciples.

Alan took the lead and Austin followed him closely. The remaining students and disciples lagged behind.

The disciples of the Arcane Holy Land were weaker than the students of the White Tiger School and they lagged behind the farthest.

All of a sudden, an idea occurred to Austin.

Running at the same pace, he brought out the Invincible Bow and toyed with the bowstring. Immediately, arrows of purple light began to shoot out and ran backwards.

After learning and mastering Magic Archery, he didn't need to aim at his targets. All that needed to be done was use his spiritual sense and think of the target; the arrows he shot would then go toward it spontaneously.

Therefore, Austin did not even need to turn aroun

rld of lightning and thunder.


Is it possible that this is the eighth-grade superior herb known as the magic thunder fruit?"

Austin muttered excitedly. He felt that his heart was beating slightly faster than usual at the prospect.

The magic thunder fruit was recorded in the ancient book named the Essence of Superior Pill in his Soul Sea. So the moment he caught a glimpse of it, he could recognize it.

The Essence of Superior Pill was a gift he had received from the nameless man in the Wild Herb Valley.

"If that is the case, are those human shaped creatures I just saw... I mean, they are able to control lightning. Is it possible that they are thunder beasts?"

Austin murmured.

According to the records of the Essence of Superior Pill, the thunder beast often planted the magic thunder fruit as treasure of their race and guarded it superbly.

The magic thunder fruit was the most precious resource for them and it allowed them to cultivate by supplying them with abundant amount of thunder energy.

Without any hesitation, Austin immediately asked Violet and the gnome to help him dig out all the vines he could see around him and put them into his Herb Ring.

Hardly had he succeed bagging almost all of the fruits when Austin heard a rumbling and shaking sound not far away from him.

"Okay, that's not good. Those thunder beasts must have sensed something is wrong and are rushing back to their treasures."

Austin was startled. However, he had already gathered plenty of those fruits.

So without looking back, Austin utilized his bodily movement skill and rushed out of the woods.

A moment later, howls of anger burst out behind him.

More than two thousand thunder beasts roared angrily in the forest as they discovered that most of their treasures were missing.

Then, they rushed out of the forest, and began to run around crazily in all directions.

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