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   Chapter 1830 Attacked By The Ancient Lamps Incinerating Array

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Austin raised his hand, and then the Five-element Sword Aura rushed towards the ten ancient lamps around him.

At the same time, with a flicker of black light, he released streams of malicious runes, which at once passed through the void and dashed towards the ten ancient lamps.

He then used the bodily movement skill to make himself disappear. A flash of bright light zoomed at high speed ahead and when it disappeared, Austin was nowhere to be found. He escaped the ten ancient lamps unharmed.

"You are powerful.

Although you are only a cultivator at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm, I did not expect that my Soul Dragging Skill could barely harm you.

I guess there must be some powerful magic spiritual soul weapon nested in your Soul Sea.

Well, it doesn't matter; the attack just now was a warm-up. Don't flatter yourself yet.

Next, I will show you my real attacking power. You need to be careful,"

the young man warned Austin. His tone was arrogant and seemed to be taunting him.

As he fixed his eyes on the young man, Austin felt a wave of fear covered him. The strength of this young man was so much stronger than that of Christopher.

The ten ancient lamps he activated were strange. It was a challenge of defending himself against it.

He would have been severely injured and even dead if he did not have the spiritual tree in his Soul Sea.

A strong slashing sound in the air was heard afterwards.

As the young man finished his words, eight bronze ancient lamps with a white flame appeared. It surrounded him on all sides, and Austin realized it was where the slashing sound was coming from.

The eight new lamps fused with the ten ones as they emerged in the air. Now, there were eighteen of them, spinning upward at a high speed. Soon the crowd witnessed how a sea of white fire surged towards Austin. The crowd could barely see Austin's figure as white-hot flames surrounded him. They could feel the burning sensation as the surrounding air turned fiery hot.

People in the crowd tried to keep their balance, terrified by the scorching heat. Their spiritual souls shook as they danced to the rhythm of the sea of white fire.

"This is not good. Retreat now! He will display his powerful Ancient Lamps Incinerating Array!"

Several disciples of the White Tiger School looked at each other in shock. Saying no words, they took a step backward and scampered away from the scene.

"Retreat! Run as fast as you can if you don't want to die!"

Christopher also shouted at the disciples of the Arcane Holy Land as he motioned for them to escape. He then took flight and was the first to disappear from the scene.

Dozens of people from the Deep Sea C

ense energy.

"Oh? The tree could do that? Cool!"

Austin was so excited. He overlooked such an important function of the spiritual tree in his Soul Sea that it could refine all the energy in the world and turn it into the spiritual sense energy.

Empowered with this idea, Austin finally released the defense of his Soul Sea. This way, more white flames flowed into his soul sea and were refined by the spiritual tree giving him more strength and power.

This was a golden opportunity to enhance his spiritual sense force, and Austin did not want to miss it.

The more white flames the spiritual tree absorbed, the stronger his spiritual sense force would become.

"What's going on?"

Vance blurted out in surprise as his face darkened with fear.

He could feel the diminishing energy of the eighteen ancient lamps. They were losing power so fast, and now Vance was in a state of panic.

"No way! Burn him for me! Now!"

With a hardened and fierce expression on his face, Vance bit his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood essence onto the eighteen ancient lamps.

Instantly, the white light shone brighter. The eighteen ancient lamps emitted more terrible energy and rushed towards Austin. Unknown to Vance, this was doing himself more harm than good.

"Good! This is equivalent to giving me more spiritual sense energy to absorb!"

Austin was very happy. Inside his Soul Sea, the spiritual tree erupted with more powerful refining power and quickly refined the white flames.

His spiritual sense was growing stronger at a fast speed.

A moment later, the sound of someone coughing out blood echoed in the entire fighting area.

All of a sudden, Vance was thrown into the air, and landed on the ground with a loud thud. He was bent over, coughing out blood on the ground.

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