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   Chapter 1829 Ten Old Lamps

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Austin continuously released his vital energy force to counteract the suppressing power around him.


He raised his hand and the five beams of sword aura of different colors appeared. The beams formed an impressive array and came at the nine-headed snake.

This was the most powerful technique in the Five Elements Dominant Swordsmanship.

The nine-headed snake growled in midair and gave out a blazing light before fighting the five streaks of sword aura.

In a split second, the five beams of sword aura cut off one of the snake's heads.


The snake with eight heads remaining roared in pain.


Another head was cut off by the sword aura and fell off the snake's body.


Christopher was frightened and angry. He retreated desperately.

Under Austin's control, the Spiritual Pot rushed towards Christopher's head and broke into his Soul Sea. It emitted a strong spiritual sense force.


Austin used the bodily movement skill and he vanished instantly. Then he appeared behind Christopher. He waved his Infernal Sword in attempt to behead him.

Austin had no plan of sparing his life because Christopher started this.

Students of the four martial schools had high status.

There was a rule made by the schools though. That is the senior members of any sect in the Divine Continent were prohibited to attack or kill their students.

However, there was an exception to the rule. If cultivators were of the same age with the student and they shared the close vital energy realm with them, they could fight against the trainees of the four martial arts schools. Killing these students was not punishable.

Therefore, Austin could actually kill Christopher without getting himself in trouble.

"How dare you!"

Feeling the invincible killing intent behind him, Christopher couldn't help but feel extremely terrified.

In his Soul Sea, the Spiritual Pot was hitting his spiritual soul.

He didn't have enough energy left to deal with Austin's sword.

He reached out his right hand and held an

"Soul Dragging Skill!"

Vance said faintly as he pointed towards Austin.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At the same time, the ten old lamps vanished from site.

Then Austin felt a strong sense of danger approaching.

He dashed briskly few steps backward.

The next moment, ten old lamps appeared around Austin, coming at him.

He immediately felt a terrifying energy forcing his spiritual soul out of his Soul Sea.

All at once, the ten beams of white flames inside the ten old lamps created a massive explosion.

The flames turned into ten oceans of white fire and rushed toward Austin. They contained enormous energy.

'These ten old lamps can attack one's body and spiritual soul at the same time, ' Austin thought.

Suddenly, the spiritual tree in Austin's Soul Sea started to shake. It instantly released a strong force to shield the whole Soul Sea.

Thanks to the spiritual tree, Austin could withstand a spiritual sense attack that was ten times stronger than his own spiritual sense.

Now Austin's spiritual sense was much stronger than that of any ordinary Major-perfection Realm cultivators.

The spiritual sense attacks of these ten old lamps were terrifying, but the spiritual tree in Austin's Soul Sea was powerful enough to handle them.

Hence, his spiritual soul was remarkably freed right away from the lamps' spiritual sense attacks.

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