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   Chapter 1827 The Thunder Fruit

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"So it is as we suspected. It's a teleportation array that can transport people to different places at random," Austin murmured.

He released his spiritual sense but he couldn't sense anyone familiar.

Anyone that was nearby were strangers to Austin. So he decided that hiding his identity would work to his advantage.

Austin changed his appearance and the aura of his spiritual soul by using the Aura Disguising Skill. In order to make sure that no one could see through his disguise, he even ordered Violet to use illusions to help him better disguise himself.

Not even holy lords and reclusive elders would be able to recognize Austin even if they encountered him.

Austin used his bodily movement skill and proceeded onward.

After advancing a few dozen miles, Austin found heaps of bones along the way. Judging by the appearance of the bones, they might've been there for a long time already.

Those bones piled up on the ground exuded a malefic aura, just the sight of the bones could cause people to avoid them.

Austin also found various superior herbs that were above grade two.

"This place is amazing. There are superior herbs everywhere!" said Austin as he gladly gathered the herbs for later use.

Austin gathered as much as he could carry, carefully choosing the ones that could be more beneficial for him on the treasure hunt.

Along the way, Austin found many other cultivators but he kept a low profile. He chose to avoid them for the time being because he did not want to engage in conflict with others.

He wanted to focus on the adventure in the Fallen Immortal World because he knew that he might find some amazing treasures or have discoveries soon. Any effort other than searching was a waste of his energy.

About half a day later, Austin found a great number of superior herbs that constantly emitted lightning at a rubble heap.

"What are these superior herbs? How come they contain both thunder and lightning energy?" he muttered.

These superior herbs were vines with leaves and their stems were the size of an adult's arm.

And there were many fist-sized crimson fruits among those herbs.

The fruits contained the energies of thunder and lightning. Thick lightning constantly came out from them.

The surrounding space where the superior herbs flocked was filled with thick bolts of lightning.

"Are these the legendary thunder fruits?" Austin asked himself.

His heart pulsated rapidly. Thunder fruits were rare sixth grade superior herbs.

It was said that there was no thunder fruit in the Divine Continent.

But there were a great number of them before hi

thought, he becoming desperate.

Austin felt scared. Many of them could match cultivators at the Major-perfection Realm. There were far too many of them to handle alone, even for Austin.

"Violet, gnome, we're in trouble. Hurry up and run!"

Austin shouted.

Then he teleported Violet and the gnome into the Slave Tower instantly.

Austin used the bodily movement skill he had created in a hurry and rushed to the distance.

Countless of the creatures roared behind them, shaking the ground and the mountains.

Meanwhile, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

What was even more terrifying was that Austin realized that those creatures were just slightly slower than him!

Austin tried his best to run away. After about half an hour, the distance between him and his pursuers gradually widened.

"Humph! You've gone too far!

When did we mess with you?"

Suddenly an angry voice sounded ahead of Austin.

Austin was taken aback. The voice was familiar to him and he recognized it belonged to a young cultivator of the Deep Sea Commercial House.

"Huh! Your leader made a huge mistake and chose to side with the Flame Holy Land. Now, you're the enemy of all the cultivators in the East Mainland.

Now turn in everything you gathered today, And then take your worthless lives yourself!"

Someone said these words in an indifferent voice.

"Ha-ha, you heard what Christopher just said.

He is a member of the White Tiger School of the Middle Pilgrim Land. His status is higher than yours. People like you best not piss him off.

It is your great honor to have the opportunity to speak with him in person.

Now do as he says. Hand over everything you have, and then finish yourselves!"

said another arrogant man.

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