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   Chapter 1826 The Entering

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With a wave of his hand, the boy led the people of his sect into the space crack.

The other sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land also followed them shortly.

"It's time to enter."

The people of the three grand holy lands and three noble clans in the East Mainland all rushed inside. They went into the space crack one after the other.

They knew that the earlier they started the treasure hunt, the higher the chances they would find treasures first.

In a dense forest where the people of the Flame Holy Land were gathered.

"I hope you all understand one thing when you enter the Fallen Immortal World.

Legend has it that in the ancient times, this was a land where the immortals died.

The danger that resided in that land was unfathomable.

Therefore, we can say with a degree of certainty that there will be great fortunes that lie ahead of us.

However, entering the Fallen Immortal World will bring us closer to Death's doorstep. Many of us if not all of us are bound to die there.

It is an inevitable fate for anyone who enters.

Before any of us enters, I want it to be known that we are going to face the unknown dangers of the Fallen Immortal World.

More than that, every single disciple of the largest sects in the Divine Continent will enter the Heavenly Immortal World, and they will surely fight desperately for the treasures that anyone can find.

Competing with the other sects will also be inevitable...especially those ungodly ones from the Middle Pilgrim Land.

If a warrior enters the Fallen Immortal World, he will be exposed to all kinds of dangers.

Hence, before you enter, I want each and every one of you to understand the gravity of this situation. Are you ready to enter despite what I've told you?"

Elder Sharp's gaze slowly swept over the crowd.

Suddenly, everyone in the forest became silent.

Elder Sharp spoke nothing but the truth.

Great opportunities had always been accompanied by even greater risks.

Soon, those disciples with relatively weaker power and conservative thoughts took the initiative to wait outside and decided not to enter.

But most of them stood firm on entering the realm.

Austin, of course, had no hesitations whatsoever.

As far as he was concerned, wealth could only come from danger. No matter how

d at the other disciples of the Flame Holy Land.

This time, there were ten disciples from to the Flame Holy Land, including Austin. They were all at the Divine Bridge Realm except for Austin.

Those who were at the Divine Bridge Realm were Rahul, Zoe, and others.

In the noble clans of the East Mainland, the Divine Bridge Realm disciple was already close to that of a principal disciple.

Austin stepped into the bronze gate.

The gnome had long entered Austin's Slave Tower.

In a flash, a force of teleportation came and enveloped Austin.

A few seconds later, Austin landed on the ground and looked ahead.

There were a few old trees in this area but they were all stout and healthy. Each of them needed more than ten people in order to encircle. Their skins were cracked and looked like dragon scales.

The leaves and branches were not too dense, and the daylight could shine through them.

There were vast open spaces between the trees. There was a purple mist fluttering accompanied by the sunlight. The air was filled to the brim, and the canopies shadowed the ground. There was something unnatural about the atmosphere.


Despite the mysterious feeling in the air, Austin felt strangely comfortable in his energy meridian and energized.

"The quality of the spiritual energy here is much better than that of the Divine Continent!"

Austin drew a deep breath of fresh air.

If one cultivated in such a place, his cultivation base would have improved much faster than it did in the Divine Continent.

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