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   Chapter 1825 Gather In The Traverse Mountains

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In the East Mainland, the holy lands, the prominent clans, and some first-class sects, were all busy preparing and organizing their own forces to go to the Traverse Mountains as soon as possible, waiting to gain entrance to the Fallen Immortal World.

However, none of them attempted to enter or even desired to enter ahead of anyone else.

The boy had blocked the bronze gate using an ultimate magical treasure. More importantly, he was likely from the Black Inferno Sect in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

It was a very powerful and terrible ancient sect. Thus, no one from the holy lands and the prominent clans in the East Mainland desired to goad the Black Inferno Sect.

At this time, within range of hundreds of miles below the space crack that was above the Traverse Mountains, people from the various sects and clans in the East Mainland were coming and going in the area, they were all busy with preparations.

All the senior masters and the elite disciples of every high ranking sect had gathered in the Traverse Mountains.

They say that Henry from the Ji Clan had cancelled the planned party in the Shadow City.

The moment they heard the news of the appearance of the Fallen Immortal World, the young geniuses who had originally gathered in the Shadow City were in no mood to join the party.

They darted towards the Traverse Mountains as soon as they were able to.

At that moment, Austin and his companions hid in a dense forest near the range under the space crack.

Yannick and Austin stayed there and talked about the situation of the Fallen Immortal World.

Austin had already secretly sent a disciple back to the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land to inform the other members of the sudden appearance of the Fallen Immortal World.

"I did not expect that the holy lords of the holy lands and the leaders of the prominent clans would lead teams on their own,"

Austin sighed after he released his spiritual sense and scanned every direction. He had been scanning the area for a while now.

"Ha ha! The Fallen Immortal World, it is a place that even the great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm are eager to enter, not to mention the holy lords of the holy lands and the leaders of the prominent clans in the East Mainland," said Yannick.

Yannick could not help but laugh at the surprising turn of events.

"Damn it! That

tention was now suddenly focused on the approaching teams.

Then they stopped in their tracks once they reached the space crack.

Out of all of them, one team caught everyone's eyes the most. More than half of them was comprised of children that looked from five or six to fourteen or fifteen years of age. Only a handful of them looked like adults.

"Ha ha! Well, it seems that the people of the East Mainland are fairly obedient,"

a boy about eight years old said with a faint smile while walking out of the line.

The boy's laughter rang through a thousand miles as if it was within earshot of everyone who heard it.

Upon hearing the laughter, Austin recognized that the boy was just the one that he had met several days ago in front of the bronze gate.

"Hmm, he is indeed from the Black Inferno Sect."

Elder Sharp stared at the boy with an unusually grim expression.

Austin had already told Elder Sharp everything that he knew about the boy in detail.

"Elder Sharp, is this little boy truly powerful?"

Austin asked in a low voice.

"Of course he is! Even I am not sure whether or not I can defeat him,"

Elder Sharp said with a nod.

"Damn, that's incredible!"

Austin was surprised. There were not many people who could go against Elder Sharp.

Elder Sharp was an ancient man from hundreds of thousands of years ago. In the current East Mainland, his strength was almost invincible and ranked in the top row.

If Elder Sharp was not confident in defeating this boy, then no one in the entire East Mainland would be able to defeat him.

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