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   Chapter 1823 The Heavenly Immortal World

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"Let's go in!"

The gnome suggested as he looked deep into the space crack.

"Okay. Let's go in and see what happened."

Austin nodded.

"In the depths of this space crack, there is extremely terrible spatial power. I've already explored it several times.

But every time, due to the impact of the spatial power inside, I couldn't tell the direction. I ended up withdrawing from there.

I'm warning you that if you go in rashly, you will be in danger."

Yannick spoke in a worried tone.

"It doesn't matter. The teleportation ability of the gnome is very strong. So, I'm sure I will be fine,"

Austin said in a hopeful manner.

"It's often said that the gnome race has teleportation ability. It looks like it is true!"

Yannick looked at the gnome in surprise.

Spatial force was a rather special and cryptic force. It primarily depended on if the cultivator had the required talent or not.

If one was not gifted in this aspect, the high level of his vital energy realm was still futile. He could not cultivate the spatial force.

Unaffected by Yannick's words, the gnome released the spatial force and led the way into the wide crack, going deeper inside with each step.

Inside the space crack, there was a misty and chaotic tunnel.

Once inside it was as if time and space were changing and dislocating continuously.

Yannick remained alert. He summoned all his vital energy. The powerful vital energy force covered the surface of his body.

Besides, he also took out a slightly broken, tiny, wooden boat. He placed it on his palm and seemed to be ready to make use of it, any time.

The tiny, wooden boat was a magic treasure with a strong defensive power. Austin had seen it being used by Yannick earlier.

Austin and the gnome had entered the chaotic void many times. So, they were quite familiar with the scene and didn't feel nervous at all.

"Well, it looks like the space here is not very powerful.

Besides, the space wall is relatively stable!"

said the gnome as he sensed what lay ahead of him.

Yannick was speechless. He had entered it several times while he kept trying to find Stacy.

However, every time when he was halfway, he couldn't tell which direction he was heading because of the influence of the spatial power. He felt like he was moving here and there directionless like a headless fly. Thus, he would get out of it at the end.

However, now Aus

t really exists and is true?"

An old man who was dressed in black shook his head.

"Yes. It is said that the Fallen Immortal World is the place where immortals fall and rest in peace.

If it really is the Fallen Immortal World, that would be too amazing.

I can't believe it!"

Another elder standing there said, shaking his head.

"Well, once accidentally I read an ancient book.

This ancient book mentioned about the Fallen Immortal World.

It was said in the ancient book that the entrance to the Fallen Immortal World was a bronze gate with two words 'Fallen' and 'Immortal' engraved on it.

This bronze gate looks exactly like the one described in that ancient book!"

Lorraine explained excitedly.

"If it's true, it's truly amazing!

I've also heard about the Fallen Immortal World.

It was regarded as extremely dangerous. Even great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm had died there,"

said the old man who was dressed in black.

"The Fallen Immortal World has some terrifying threats as well as unimaginable great opportunities.

It is said that there is even a chance of becoming an immortal!"

Ringo said.


'The chance to become an immortal!'

Hearing this, all of them felt a twitch of excitement in their hearts.

In the Divine Continent, the highest level that a cultivator could reach was the Immortal Transforming Realm.

And after that, even a great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm was extremely desperate to become an immortal.

The anxiety and desire of an ordinary warrior to become an immortal was then understandable.

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