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   Chapter 1822 The Space Crack

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A middle-aged man was selling dozens of invitation tickets in a stall.

Anyone who passed by his stall couldn't help but look at him suspiciously.

They were all aware that there were only a total of five hundred invitations for the party. These were not even enough for all the young talents of the holy lands, influential clans, and first-class sects.

So it was impossible for him to have any extra invitation tickets for sale.

Each ticket was being sold at two hundred thousand divine vital energy crystals, which was very expensive.

"If you are not interested in these invitations. I have something more interesting.

I have a map of a secret land. It has a very detailed topographic features.

Once you have this map, you can explore the secret land where great opportunity awaits you.

Anyone who will have this map will be very lucky. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

The middle-aged man realized that no one believed the authenticity of the dozens of invitation tickets in his hand. So he quickly changed the topic and started to talk about maps while pointing at the thick pile of the map on the ground.

Austin sneered when he recognized that the middle-aged man was a dishonest businessman. And those invitations for sale were most probably be fake.

And the map of the secret land that he was claiming was probably made up.

"Everyone, please trust me. This secret land really exists, and it is located deep within the space crack.

Please believe me. Even the head of the Deep Sea Commercial House was now guarding near the entrance of the space crack. He was trying to find a way to enter it.

Even if you have doubts, it's fine with me. But how could you not believe the owner of the Deep Sea Commercial House?

The secret land within the space crack really exists, and it is full of treasures and opportunities,"

the middle-aged man said excitedly.

Those people around sneered at him. They knew that he was unreliable and was just talking nonsense. A lot of them started to turn around and leave.

Austin was about to leave. But he suddenly stopped when he heard the name of the Deep Sea Commercial House.

"Are you referring to the owner of the Deep Sea Commercial House? Are you sure that he is the one who is guarding near the space crack?"

Austin asked inquiringly.

"Yes, I'm very sure! I saw it with my own eyes. It's impossible for me to make a mistake.

So, buddy! Are you interested in my maps?

I am selling this map of secret lands for only two hundred thousand divine vital energy crystals.

"Something is not right!"

The gnome moved towards the space crack that was about a thousand meters wide. He penetrated the crack through his spiritual sense, and his face started to look puzzled.

"Generally speaking, there is only a chaotic void deep within the space crack.

The aura emanating from this space crack seems to be different from the chaotic void."

Austin also came to the space crack and explored it through his spiritual sense.

"I find the space and time deep within this space crack quite strange. It's constantly changing but very stable. It seems that there is a fixed space on this space crack."

The gnome could see things more clearly since his cultivation base of the spatial power was much higher than Austin.

"A fixed space? "

Austin was surprised.

"Is there really a secret place in there?"

Suddenly, Austin remembered the map that the middle-aged man was selling in the Shadow City.

'That guy looks dubious. I wonder if what he was saying about the secret place was true?'

Austin thought.

"It has been more than half a year since this space crack appeared here.

When it first appeared, its size was as tiny as a finger. It was quite unnoticeable.

As days go by, it grew wider and wider. Especially these days, it is now about a hundred meters in width and one thousand meters in length,"

said Yannick.

"Nowadays, this crack is starting to attract the attention of a lot of cultivators.

There was even someone who was checking out this place a few days ago,"

Yannick said while looking around.

What he said was right as faint figures could be seen in the void from a distance. They were all very powerful warriors based on their aura.

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