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   Chapter 1821 Elites Gather In The Shadow City

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Before the young man could beat the hell out of Bray, Belle stepped forward and shouted, "Kira, forget it.

Although this Bray is disgusting, he has not done any big crimes.

Besides, he is a good friend of my friend.

So please tell Conrad to spare him, even just this time. For me."

Belle could not allow Bray to get killed because he was her friend's friend.

"Really? I see.

Well, if it really matters you, I will respect your request," said Kira

She raised both hands, as if in surrender.

Belle was the Holy Daughter of the Jade Sect, and she had the Crystal Moonlight Body which was rare. Because of these two reasons, she was destined to have a very promising future.

So even if Kira was a student of the Rose Finch School, she knew that someday, Belle could be someone greater than her.

"Conrad, forget it.

Let them go this time!"

Kira said to the young man.


Now that both you and Belle pleaded for them, I will let these two foolish guys go. But just this time!

If I meet them again next time, they may not be so lucky,"

said the young man named Conrad.

Soon, people of the Jade Sect walked away peacefully.

Looking at the young man's back, Austin wanted to kill him.

"Bray is so lucky. I did not expect that he could survive the trashing from the student of the Rose Finch School,"

someone at the scene said.

"And this guy, he was really biting off more than he could chew. He almost got himself killed.

How did it go, boy? Did it scare you to death just now?"

Someone pointed at Austin. He was laughing so hard that he had to hold his stomach.

"Ha-Ha! Scared to death? I think he peed on his pants!" one of the audience said, mocking Austin.

He too started laughing really hard.

"Did I offend you?"

Austin frowned as he fixed his gaze on the two people in front of him.

It was obvious, they were bullies who loved making fun of powerless people; evildoers who prey on weak people.

"Damn it, boy! Why are you looking at me like that? You want to fight?

Believe it or not, I can knock the hell out of you!" one of the two men shouted at Austin. His face was red in anger.

They were annoyed with Austin's angry stare.

Both of them were at the premium stage of Divine Bridge Realm. In their eyes, Austin was only at the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm. They looked down on him because they believed it was easy for them to handle him.

"You brat, I must teach you a lesson! There is too much air on your head!"

The other man became furious and ru

e this was a rare occasion.

Almost all the young generation and the most elite geniuses in the East Mainland arrived.

The official date of the gathering in the Shadow City was scheduled the following day.

But most people arrived one day earlier than the scheduled time to make sure they would not miss the event.

They would hold the gathering at a mansion named Five Star Mansion which was located in the east of the city.

Much as Five Star Mansion was located in the city, it was still very large. An array of tall mountains and green grass surrounded it. Streams and magnificent waterfalls lined the walls of the mansion, while magical animals roamed the grounds which were said to bring good luck. The scenery was beautiful and boast of royalty and splendor.

Of course, not everyone was qualified to enter the mansion.

The Five Star Mansion, was surrounded by guards from the Ji Clan. They stood on the gates and walls of the mansion on the lookout for intruders. Not to mention the numerous martial arts masters that were assigned to keep an eye on it.

It was said that only those who have invitations were allowed to enter the gate of the mansion.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please don't miss the chance. I have invitations for the Five Star Mansion in my hands.

I don't have many left. If you want to enter the Five Star Mansion tomorrow and see the talents, you must grab this chance and buy an invitation card.

Otherwise, you lose this once in a lifetime opportunity."

Austin suddenly heard that someone was selling invitation cards to the Five Star Mansion along the street.

"I can buy invitations from you?"

He was surprised and stepped forward to have a look.

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