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   Chapter 1820 The Conflict

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"Oh? Who are those young men over there?

Why are there male disciples in the Jade Sect?"

Someone noticed that a number of young men in the team followed closely behind Kira.

"Don't say things that have no meaning. The disciples of the Jade Sect are all female. How come there will be male disciples?

If the other disciples of Jade Sect hear what you said, we will call uninvited trouble upon ourselves.

It was said that those young men were all students from the Rose Finch School in the Middle Pilgrim Land. It was said that all of them belonged to a prominent and ancient sect in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

This time, they came to visit the East Mainland with Kira,"

a man explained in a hushed tone.

"It turns out that they are the students from the Rose Finch School. No wonder they all look so extraordinary!"

the rest exclaimed and expressed their surprise.

The several young men standing next to Kira apparently were out of the ordinary. They all had outstanding temperament and walked very fast.

"Yes, I did hear some gossips about them. It is said that the male students from the Rose Finch School all admired the exalting beauty of Kira.

That's why they come back to the East Mainland with Kira in order to be closer to her,"

someone in the crowd whispered in his lower voice.

"I see. I guess so."

Many people nodded in agreement to the fact.

Because those young men beside her all looked at her with great passion in their eyes from time to time.

And when they talked to her, they were all trying to please her and get her attention in all possible ways.

Austin's eyes fell on the other woman among them.

She was a beautiful young woman clad in a long light green dress.

The woman was no one else, but Belle.

"I didn't expect her to come to the party of the Shadow City,"

Austin murmured as he watched the silhouette of Belle.

But now, she was the Holy Daughter of the Jade Sect, and she had the rare Crystal Moonlight Body.

In recent years, her cultivation base had improved greatly beyond anybody's expectations and she was famous among the younger generation of the East Mainl


"Yes. His father is Ward. In the East Mainland, no one dares to cross him. He is a real terror."

"Bray has messed with the wrong people this time.

They are the students of the Rose Finch School.

Ward, however arrogant he is, does not dare to cross the students of the four biggest schools and he would keep his distance.

Otherwise, he has no place to stand in the whole Divine Continent, let alone in the East Mainland,"

many warriors around them whispered.

Apparently, Bray was not very popular in the East Mainland. Many people took pleasure in his misfortune and enjoyed his bad luck.

"Kira, did you hear that? It turns out that the loser always takes advantage of women.

Well, since I meet you today, I will eliminate this trouble for the people in the East Mainland.

And you, how dare you save the person that I'm going to kill? You piece of shit!

Don't overestimate yourself.

But remember, in your next life, you can't afford to offend someone who is far beyond your reach."

The young man stared at Bray and Austin with an impish look in his eyes.

Then the young man walked slowly towards Austin and Bray.

"Bro, I'm sorry to get you into trouble. You should leave now as it is in the best of your interest.

This guy came from the Rose Finch School. We are no match for him,"

Bray explained to Austin.

'This guy has a little conscience at least, '

Austin thought.

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