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   Chapter 1819 A Party In The Shadow City

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A day later.

Austin was in a secret room on the ninth floor of the Slave Tower.

"I did it!"

Austin opened his eyes with great joy.

A spiritual sense array formed at the top of the Slave Tower.

"Yes master! You really made it.

I can finally experience the life outside of this tower."

Brady appeared in front of Austin.

Brady was the guardian spirit of the Slave Tower. He knew this tower like the back of his hand and the story behind it.

"Okay, Brady, let's get out of here."

Austin directly teleported himself out of the Slave Tower and appeared in the outside world.

Brady appeared beside Austin right after.

"Master, I'm finally outside," Brady said.

He tried to hide it but a hint of excitement could be traced in his voice.

"That's great, Brady! You can often go out now,"

Austin replied.

"No master, I think once a day will do.

I can only stay outside for less than an hour per day.

I will be dragged back in the tower if I stay more than that,"

Brady sadly explained.

"No way."

Austin was a little disappointed.

"But master, once your spiritual sense became stronger and are able to create a more powerful spiritual sense array, then I guess I can spend more time outside the tower,"

Brady said to cheer up Austin.

"You're right. I will work hard to improve my spiritual sense and will make a new array."

Austin nodded.

Brady strolled around the imperial capital city for an hour and went back to the Slave Tower.

On the other hand, Austin began to practice another secret skill that Elder Sharp shared with him—the Aura Disguising Skill.

'Will this secret skill work well?

Since it was created by the members of our holy land hundreds of thousand years ago, it's supposed to be powerful, '

Austin thought.

He began to cultivate the Aura Disguising Skill in the secret room of the castellan mansion.

Once he mastered this skill, he could form plenty of mysterious runes and attach them to his spiritual soul.

He could freely change the looks and aura of his spiri

the people from the headquarters would reach there immediately.

Hence, Austin didn't need to stay in the imperial capital city to control the kingdom.

He used the Aura Disguising Skill on his way to change into an ordinary looking young man.

A few days later, Austin entered the Shadow City.

The city was controlled by the Ji Clan. It was one of the largest cities in the East Mainland.

The city was bustling. A lot of cultivators had come these days. They were from different sects and organizations in the East Mainland.

The street was swarming with people.

This was going to be a great feast. Countless cultivators were gathered in the Shadow City. Some of them had been invited to the party while some were not.

Austin kept a low profile, he changed his appearance by using the Aura Disguising Skill and pretended to be at the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm. Hence, no one paid attention to him when he walked on the street.


Kira Wei from the Jade Sect is coming!" someone exclaimed.

Everyone's eyes were now on the entrance of the city. Groups of people were flying in, and most of them were girls.

The one in front of the team was a woman with fair skin and white clothes. She had bright and big eyes that made her stand out. It was impossible to miss her in the crowd.

She was like a fairy lost in the mortal world.

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