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   Chapter 1817 Students Of The Four Martial Arts Schools

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The students of the four martial arts schools in the Middle Pilgrim Land were back in the East Mainland.

Soon enough, they spread the news that the four martial arts schools were going to recruit new members.

Most of them were talented disciples from prominent clans, holy lands, and some top-ranked sects.

Some were from other sects or clans, and the others were independent cultivators without any other affiliations.

Those major schools of the Middle Pilgrim Land only recruited talented cultivators, not taking into account their identity, status, or background––just their cultivation skills.

As long as young cultivators passed the recruitment examination, they would be admitted to the four schools.

Indeed, they treated everyone equally.

Meanwhile, inside the headquarters of the Ji Clan, a number of people assembled in a spacious hall of the grand palace covered by clouds.

"Ha-ha. It's been ten years since you've left the East Mainland, and now you're finally back.

How's school? I bet you have learned a lot for the past years,"

the chief of the Ji Clan said to a young man in white clothes.

"Thanks for your concern. I have made significant progress over the past decade.

Now, I am a first-level student.

Besides, an elder of the school has secretly told me that if I keep up this pace, I will have the chance to become a principal student,"

replied the young man flatly.

Even in front of the chief of the Ji Clan, he acted neither humbly nor obnoxiously.

He stood distinguished and fearless before the chief, unlike his peers.

"What? Henry, you are now the first-level student of the White Tiger School?

You're saying you might become their principal student soon?

Woah! Isn't that great?

You are really a genius!

Once they appoint you as the principal student of the four major schools, you will be a big shot in the entire Divine Continent.

Well done, kid.

You made us really proud,"

the chief gushed in excitement.

"I'm flattered, sir. Without your help, I wouldn't have made it this far," Henry curtly responded.

He was trying to act modestly even though he was a haughty man.

"Ha-ha. You're really an ungrateful child, Henry.

Rest assured. We will give you our full support in the future.

You must become the principal disciple of the White Tiger School so tha

uld know that he killed the infamous Austin, making him rise to fame instantly.

Besides Henry, many students, who had just come back from the four martial arts schools, also overtly challenged Austin.

Of course, all of them belonged to those influential forces that had issues and in bad terms with the latter.

"I heard that Henry Ji of the Ji Clan came back from the White Tiger School and is going to kill Austin!

Now, Austin has finally met his match."

"Yes, I agree with you. I've heard that Henry Ji has become the first-level student of the White Tiger School.

He is really a genius!"

"Henry Ji's brother was caught by Austin. It is still unknown whether he is alive or dead.

Now that Henry Ji's back, he won't let Austin off the hook!"

"I heard that except Henry Ji, the members of other major sects who came back from the four martial arts schools were planning to give Austin a hard time."

"This is going to be interesting. I'm so hyped for the cutthroat fights that will take place soon."

The cultivators of the East Mainland engaged in a lively discussion, basking in the glory of drama between young men who wished to prove themselves.

Soon enough, those rumors reached Elder Brendan of the Flame Holy Land.

In a jiffy, he decided to personally head straight to the imperial capital city of the Flame Kingdom and find Austin.

"Austin, this is not good. You should be careful. I advise you to stay at our headquarters and keep a low-profile for a while,"

Elder Brendan proposed, his voice filled with worry and anxiety.

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