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   Chapter 1816 Absolute Control

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10037

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Austin then ordered the new prime minister to take charge of the whole imperial capital city.

Most of the royal troops had surrendered. In addition, the Merry Gang and the five other sects had more than one hundred thousand members. That number was more than enough.

Then Austin instructed Violet and the gnome to seize all the wealth of the royal family.

It was a treasure trove, and they were able to amass an abundance of treasure. Austin got a Space Ring from the emperor and also discovered a large treasure house hidden under the palace's ground.

He also collected the Space Rings of all the ministers and generals who had been killed.

One exceptional treasure was the Space Ring that belonged to the elder of the Ji Clan.

Austin jumped with joy as he counted the treasures he accumulated.

The valuables in the Space Rings of the emperor and the elder of the Ji Clan, and the treasures he found in the royal palace's underground treasure house, amounted to a great deal of fortune.

There were an abundance of vital energy crystals, magic treasures, spiritual pills, and superior pills, and all kinds of rare herbs, natural materials and other treasures.

"This hefty fortune will greatly enhance the strength of our Flame Holy Land,"

Austin murmured, feeling very satisfied.

The emperor's leadership was overturned. Soon, the news that the imperial capital city was now controlled by the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land spread throughout every corner of the Flame Kingdom.

Austin took his role seriously. He started with an order saying that the entire Flame Kingdom would be free from tax. He released slaves who had been serving their masters for three years. Prisoners were either released or getting their sentences shortened. His orders spread and had become well known throughout the entire empire.

People felt relieved, as they were now free from the ruthless rule of the previous emperor.

The whole Flame Kingdom celebrated with so much joy. It was a jubilant atmosphere as people danced on the streets. More people gathered on the streets to join the celebration and their newfound freedom. Firecrackers were lit up ad there was a shower of confetti to express their congratulations.

As the noble families of the Flame Kingdom realized that the royal family of the empire had been completely destroyed, they became terrified of Austin.

Wanting to make sure that Austin wouldn't turn against them, they hurried to the imperial capital city and expressed their loyalty to Austin. Each family swore to join the Flame Holy Land.

Austin accepted each one of them.

After all, he needed as many people as he could have to run the new Flame Kingdom.

Three days later, the three elders of the Flame Holy Land received the news and rushed to the imperial capital city of the Flame Kingdom.

"Well, I was just waiting for an appropriate time to take back the control of the Flame Kingdom from the Ji Clan.

I did not expect that you could bri

e elders of the Ji Clan.

"Master, how about we send our disciples to the Flame Kingdom? We kill Austin, revenge the death of our elder, and take back the control of the kingdom?"

a senior member of the Ji Clan asked the patriarch.

"I heard that the Flame Kingdom is impenetrable after it became under the control of the Flame Holy Land.

We need to think about it harder. We need to be very careful with our next move,"

the patriarch explained after he kept silent and reflected on the idea for a short while.

He knew that sending a large group of people to take back the control of the Flame Kingdom was a direct assault on the Flame Holy Land.

Last time, Elder Sharp of the Flame Holy Land defeated the armies of the seven sects alone.

Their defeat on that battle shocked the holy lands and the big clans.

The senior members of these holy lands and the big clans all realized that they could not provoke or bully the Flame Holy Land as they had done in the past. So much had changed, and they seemed to be surrounded by powerful people.

The patriarch of the Ji Clan did not want to act on impulse. There was too much risk fighting with the Flame Holy Land and its people.

At the thought of this, the senior members of the Ji Clan fell silent.

A few days later, a piece of news spread amongst the people.

This piece of news shocked the entire East Mainland.

In a month, the four schools in the Middle Pilgrim Land were going to recruit new students from the whole Divine Continent.

Recruitment places would be set up in every region of the Divine Continent to accommodate the applicants.

The news swept through the land like wildfire. It was known all over the entire East Mainland in an instant.

It caused chaos in the entire East Mainland.

The four schools of the Middle Pilgrim Land had a great influence and high status in the Divine Continent.

Not only the East Mainland, but also the whole Divine Continent would be affected by this event.

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