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   Chapter 1815 The End Of An Empire (Part Two)

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Having said that, I choose to submit to the Flame Holy Land, and I hope that you can be nice to the populace of the empire after you take over the Flame Kingdom."

Austin saw how the emperor looked at the minister with disgust. He ignored the emperor and nodded at the minister before replying, "There is no need to worry, minister, because I will declare all the citizens are exempt from tax and forced labor for three consecutive years in the whole Flame Kingdom. Besides, I will proclaim a general amnesty. You have my words on that."

Upon hearing that, the minister's eyes lit up with joy and bowed to Austin repeatedly.

"It will be a huge blessing for the people of the Flame Kingdom when Holy Heritor you do so!"

Seeing that the minister in front of him was a potentially good officer, who really cared about the citizens of the Empire, Austin was decided and said, "Well then, minister, from now on, I pronounce you as the prime minister of the Flame Kingdom.

I hope you can exert yourself to the best efforts for the sake of citizens."

If one's eyes could lit up even more, it was definitely possible with the minister. He was stunned for a moment, and as soon as he returned back to reality, the minister bowed and kneelt before Austin with great joy.

"Thank you, Holy Heritor! Thank you very much for your trust!

I promise that I will do my best and won't ever let you down!"

Because of the move of the minister in purple, a lot of ministers also decided to join the Flame Holy Land and thought that Austin was not so bad after all.

As promised, Austin took them all in.

Soon after, hundreds of ministers, generals, and aristocrats made their decisions between leaving and surrendering themselves.

In the end, there were only a dozen senior officials and eunuchs that

The emperor roared at Austin and looked at him with pure hatred.

"You are a merciless king. Tell me, what reason should I have to let you live?"

Without waiting for a reply from the emperor, Austin's face turned cold and immediately gave off a sword aura, slicing the emperor's head from his body.

Seeing the head of the royal family dead, the head of the Merry Gang bowed towards Austin and said in defeat, "Holy Heritor, all the royal troops chooses to surrender."

"Good," Austin said before he turned towards his newly-appointed prime minister.

"Prime minister, from now on, you are in charge of all the affairs in the imperial capital city, including the affairs of the Flame Kingdom.

That being said, you must do your best to restore the Flame Kingdom as soon as possible.

Did I make myself clear?"

"I understand, Holy Heritor."

The minister in purple immediately replied to Austin with a slight bow.

Austin then turned his attention towards the leaders of the six sects, "And all of you, stay in the imperial capital city to assist the prime minister in running the Flame Kingdom."

"Yes, sir!"

The six sect leaders answered immediately with a respectful bow.

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