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   Chapter 1814 The End Of An Empire (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6161

Updated: 2020-01-06 07:36

'What the?' Austin thought as he blinked multiple times.

His face lit up in surprise because of the great increase of power after the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor sucked in the spiritual soul of the elder.

The perfection of the fusion degree with his flesh and blood was just quite unbelievable.

It was true that the more spiritual soul the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor absorbed, the more powerful it became.

Once the power increased to a certain degree, it would eventually cause the birth of a terrifying light called the Light of Ghostdom Ancestor's Eye which was able to destroy all the spiritual souls in the world. When that happened, it would be extremely formidable.

Then again, it was a message from the skinny old man. He had shot it into Austin's Soul Sea when they were in the chaotic void.

There wasn't any guarantee yet if it was really true or not.

However, seeing all these before him, he was certain that the skinny old man did not lie to him, and everything he said to him was true.

'It seems like I have to let the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor absorb more spiritual soul and quicken the pace of its strengthening, ' Austin thought.

While having this thought in his mind, Austin carefully sensed every change of the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor. Bit by bit, he gradually had a clearer vision of what he should do next.

On the other hand, the evil energy of the demonic avatar increased dramatically as soon as it took in the blood essence of the evil spirit.

The daunting evil energy that was as thick as a giant dragon shrouded around the six to seven meter tall demonic avatar like a veil.

As the ministers stopped by the imperial palace, they all looked in surprise as they saw Austin alone, and the elder was nowhere to be found.

"Oh my God! Look! Elder Ji was killed by Austin!"


hed him leave in silence and did not have any reaction. He turned towards the rest and saw how they wanted the same thing as well.

Immediately, many of the ministers and generals also chose to leave as soon as they saw the middle-aged minister leave without getting hurt.

Besides knowing that they could trust Austin's words, they were also certain that the royal family was completely doomed.

Then again, the people who left still felt a tinge of bond and loyalty towards the royal family, so they could not choose to change their loyalty and join the Flame Holy Land, so they decided to leave instead.

As soon as it looked like no one had decided to leave or change allegiance, a minister in a purple robe stepped forward and said with respect, "Holy Heritor, I have to admit. The royal family has gone way too far. Humph!

They have always been violent to the people and implemented heavy taxes, causing endless complaints from the people all over the country. I had written to the emperor countless times and asked the royal family to place themselves on the foot of the ordinary people.

Instead of a favorable response, I was demoted, and because of that, I have long been disappointed in the royal family.

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