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   Chapter 1813 Killing The Elder Of The Ji Clan

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Facing the approaching trident that reeked of death, Austin used the bodily movement skill he had created hurriedly and kept on retreating.

Meanwhile, a light flashed between his eyebrows and a strange eye emerged slowly.

It was the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor.

In the next second, the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor opened suddenly.

There was a vortex deep down in the special eye.

It produced a horrible force.

Everything around them seemed to be pulled and swallowed by this vortex including the light, air, energy, and even space.

Since the light was gone completely, only darkness and despair were left.

In the darkness, people could see nothing but the eye.

It seemed to have a magical power that made people glue their eyes on it. It was as if it was the only eye in the world.

"Damn it! What's going on?" growled the Yaksha in horror.

Fright appeared on its face suddenly.

This Yaksha was transformed by the elder of the Ji Clan. But to his surprise, his spiritual soul felt a strong summon. It was slowly moving out of his Soul Sea as if it was being pulled strongly by the eye.

This time, his spiritual soul was already out of his control. It was so determined to fly into the eye.

With a roar, the elder tried his best to gather his spiritual sense and use it to surround his spiritual soul tightly.

He must prevent it from leaving his Soul Sea.

'Here's my chance!' thought Austin.

He knew that he needed to hurry and use other powerful martial skills to attack the elder.

Austin realized that he wasn't that good at using the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor so he could not unleash its power fully.

Besides, the elder of the Ji Clan also had a strong spiritual sense.

He didn't think that he could defeat this elder by only resorting to the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor.

That was why he would use other skills to attack and finish him.

Using his mind, Austin controlled the four golden balls. They emitted blazing, eye-catching golden radiance and rushed to the Yaksha.


With a flash of black light, the Unrivaled Black Dagger quickly passed through the space and released various terrifying runes that aimed at the head of the Yaksha.

Austin raised his hand and five swords of different colors unleashed a strong sword intent. They combined to form a terrible sword array and rushed to the Yaksha.

Moreover, Austin also directed the Spiritual Pot at the head of the Yaksha through his mind.

Since the elder of the Ji Clan had a powerful spiritual sense, Austin thought that the Spiritual Pot might not be able to break into his Soul Sea at first.

However, since he had used most of his spiritual se

n flustered.

"Answer my question first," said Austin coldly.

"Would you also let me go if I lost in this battle?"

The elder was rendered speechless. He didn't expect that kind of question from Austin.

'If I won, I would not spare his life, ' thought the elder in his mind.

"Go to hell!" yelled Austin in a very cold tone.

When the elder couldn't answer, he already knew what it meant.

He then attacked the elder with full force.

Eventually, the Yaksha's body exploded.

Its body parts shattered into pieces.

Bone and blood splashed everywhere.

At the same time, the elder's soul was dragged out of his Soul Sea and on its way to the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor.

"Austin, you are so cruel. I will surely hunt you even if I die!" Before his death, the elder's shrill cries spread throughout the imperial capital city.

He was cursing Austin even to his last breath.

His spiritual soul was then completely absorbed by the Eye of the Ghostdom. On the other hand, the demonic avatar opened its mouth wide.

Then a strong power enveloped the dead Yaksha.

The demonic avatar kept on sucking the essence of the blood and flesh of the Yaksha.

A few moments later, the giant Yaksha disappeared.

There was no trace of it left on the ground.

Also, the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor between Austin's eyebrows closed and disappeared.

Darkness receded and brightness returned. Everyone could see everything now.

The whole palace was completely destroyed. Not even a single building was left intact.

Austin was floating in the air with hands behind his back. His clothes were fluttering with the wind.

At this moment, everyone's gaze was locked at Austin.

A deadly silence enveloped the whole city. An utter shock was painted on their faces.

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