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   Chapter 1812 No More Reservations

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"Yes, it is the Evil Yaksha Skill," said the elder of the Ji Clan coldly.

"I didn't expect that a cultivator only at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm could force me into such a difficult situation."

The elder's voice signaled a very strong desire to kill.

The rage of his black vital energy force gushed out of his body. It was like an angry beast.

This time, Austin's eyes became serious.

He knew that an elder of the clan was already very powerful. If this elder used the forbidden martial art, it would be a horrible attack.

"Withdraw!" whispered the elder suddenly.

Then the darkness that surrounded the palace rushed back to his body.

In a moment, the night that covered the whole palace disappeared as it was all absorbed by his body.

Then the eyes of the elder of the Ji Clan turned into a strange pale color. The once black pupils disappeared. It was like the eyes of death with a frightening aura.

His body began to twist, making a crisp sound of crunching bones. Now he was deformed.

Then his body grew thick and long infinitely. His skin gradually became black as ink and covered with black demonic textures.

Two glowing sharp and long horns began to grow on his head.

A pair of black wings which were several meters long began to grow on his back.

Finally, a Yaksha with a pair of black wings appeared in front of everyone. It was more than two thousand feet in height.

Since it had two long horns, it looked so ferocious. Moreover, it was holding a huge steel trident that was sparkling coldly.

A strong aura of death burst out and pervaded around the huge and terrible Yaksha. If one looked on it from afar, one could say that it was an embodiment of death.

The endless sense of death filled the heaven and the earth. It was so horrible that everyone immediately fled desperately.

In an instant, a vast area of the imperial capital city became almost empty.

The rest who were left in the area stared at the tall and ferocious Yaksha in horror.

"Austin, I have been working hard in cultivating the Evil Yaksha Skill for quite a while now. Since you are here, I think it's time to test its power on you," shouted the elder.

His voice resounded through the air like a death deity. The intense desire to kill was very apparent.

Austin looked sullen. Deep inside his heart, fear surged suddenly.

The Evil Yaksha Sk

t ability.

Suddenly, the elder felt a surge of fear.

Austin was already a very strong cultivator. If he continued to cultivate and improve his skills, he might pose a threat to the safety of the Ji Clan one day.

This thought gave the elder a strong motivation. No matter what happened, he must kill this person today. He couldn't let Austin continue to grow stronger.

The elder of the Ji Clan made up his mind to kill Austin at the moment.


The Yaksha exuded a dreadful sense of death from the tall body and continuously gathered this sense to the trident in the hand.


The huge trident struck down from the sky like a coming doom. Before it landed, the ground began to crack a few hundred meters wide.

The smell of death made Austin's clothes and long hair flutter.

There were also small cracks in the space. Dark cracks which were as thick as an arm appeared and spread in the sky.

It was almost the strongest blow from the Yaksha.

Fortunately, when such a small-sized space collapsed, it could almost self-repair instantly.


Austin took a deep breath.

'Okay. I can't have reservations anymore. I need to use my most powerful blow on him this time. If I still can't defeat him, then I don't have a choice but to hide in the Slave Tower, ' thought Austin inside.

This had to end once and for all.

Austin sent a message to Violet and the gnome through his spiritual sense.

He asked them to gather and organize the people of the six sects. If necessary, Austin would rush over and transfer them all into the Slave Tower as well.

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