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   Chapter 1811 Forced To Use The Most Powerful Skill

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The elder of the Ji Clan was shocked. How could a young man, who was at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm, be able to withstand his blow? He was stupefied to see that his fighting power was terrifying.

The shock was because it did not make any sense to him at all.

It was known to all that he was not only a senior master at the Major-perfection Realm, but also had cultivated the Dark Scripture of the Ji Clan for a long time. In addition to that, he also practiced many superior martial arts skills that had been collected by the Ji Clan.

His real power was much higher than the ordinary premium stage of Major-perfection Realm.


Just at that time, Austin's demonic avatar reached in a flash. It was as high as six or seven meters and was shrouded by a strong evil spirit. Like a thick evil dragon, the spirit bared its teeth and claws and circled around the demonic avatar. It was amazing.

During the fierce battle going on, the amount of flesh and blood essence absorbed by the demonic avatar had exceeded to around ten thousand people!

As a result, no one in the Imperial Palace was courageous enough to dare to approach Austin's demonic avatar anymore.

And wherever the demonic avatar went, everyone tried their best to avoid it.


The old man straightened his fingers into a shape of a blade. A black light was ejected from the tip of his fingers that transformed into a three-point steel fork. The fork enlarged swiftly and reached as high as one hundred meters. With infinite power, it darted at the demonic avatar.

The demonic avatar rushed forward as he gathered his overwhelming evil energy into his fist. It was like a huge storm eye, releasing suffocating spirit.


The demonic fist clashed with the three-pointed fork. Everything shook violently, which resonated with the air.

The demonic avatar retreated a few steps. The three-point steel fork had used up all its energy. Thus, it exploded and dissipated in the air.

After the collision between them, neither of them tasted victory.

"Huh! I never thought your avatar would be so strong!"

The elder's face was now horribly sullen. He couldn't help but feel extremely shocked.

He wondered how this young man who was only a junior at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm was able to possess so much power. How could the young man be so powerful to fight against him?

This made him think that probably Austin had enough strength to fight against the elders of the holy lands!

"Huh! Your avatar is quite extraordinary, so what? Just see how I'll kill you!"

Although the elder of the Ji Clan was shocked,

nected to his mind. So, when even one of them was destroyed, it also had a slight impact on him.

At this point, the elder was deeply astonished.

He was baffled. The thing that confused him was that while he was at the premium stage of Major-perfection Realm, Austin was only at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm. There was a whole realm gap between him and Austin.

To his surprise, though he employed the Dark Scripture, neither of them could get the upper hand.

Now it was clear for him. He understood why Austin became so famous in the East Mainland in these years.

In fact, among the members of the young generation in the East Mainland, no one was more powerful than the young man before him.

The elder wondered that he was probably the strongest among the younger generation in the East Mainland!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The demonic avatar was incomparably ferocious and kept punching continuously. In a moment, five or six demons were shattered to pieces.

Affected by this, the elder looked more and more angry.

"Well, Austin, I believe that I can definitely find a way to kill you!

You've forced me to use the most powerful move I know!"

The elder seemed helpless and was badly upset. Nobody would believe that he was cornered by such a young man.

"Well, show me your Evil Yaksha Skill!"

Austin said coldly, but his face had turned quite serious.

Austin had already seen Gale, a great master of the Ji Clan, practicing the Evil Yaksha Skill last time.

If it was used, his combat effectiveness would instantly increase by five to six times or even more.

Austin was aware that the elder was already very powerful. If his strength increased by five or six times, Austin didn't know if he could defeat him.

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