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   Chapter 1810 The Elder Of The Ji Clan

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"Gather more men and suppress that rebel,"

the emperor ordered as he panicked.

"Humph! Don't even try to struggle!"

Austin raised his hand. All of a sudden, five huge swords came forward and instantly killed a hundred guards that were charging at him.

Afterwards, he used the bodily movement skill that he created to make himself invisible and rushed towards the emperor.

"Everyone! Protect the king!"

"Your Majesty, you have to be careful. Austin is too ferocious. You need to find a place to hide!"

A group of loyal eunuchs and ministers surrounded the emperor. They were preparing to escort him to a safe place.

The whole imperial palace was in chaos. Everyone was terrified at Austin's tremendous power and his demonic avatar.

Most of the ministers and generals still hadn't reached the preliminary stage of Minor-perfection Realm. So although they outnumbered Austin, they still did not stand a chance against him and his demonic avatar.


A white sword suddenly popped out and slashed the two ministers that were escorting the emperor.

"You! Tyrant king. I will not let you get away today!"

Austin shouted.

"Arrogant bastard! Don't be rude! We will not let you lay a land on our king."

Two eunuchs, both at the Divine Bridge Realm, rushed towards Austin. They knew they were no match for him but their blind loyalty to the emperor made all rational thought obsolete.

Austin then waved his sleeve, and two strands of golden vital energy force came out and blew the two eunuchs into pieces.


Then in a flash of black light, the Unrivaled Black Dagger shot out and released fierce runes.

A minister whose cultivation base was only at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm suddenly screamed and fell into the ground.

The Unrivaled Black Dagger slit his throat.

"Austin, you bastard! You killed so many of my ministers! I will make sure that you will be paying for this."

The emperor was seething with anger after he saw how Austin killed his ministers.

"Listen! Anyone who wanted to leave or side with our holy land will be spared.

But if you will continue to resist, then you left me with no choice but to kill all of you,"

Austin roared loudly.


Then there was another flash of black light. The Unrivaled Black Dagger shot out again. This time, it stabbed a minister in the heart and pierced his body.

Austin then raised his hand, and five huge swords flew towards the emperor.

cent people have been captured. And just so that you could practice the evil martial skill—Evil Yaksha Skill, you even attempted to kill a large number of cultivators in this kingdom.

Shame on you! You even pretended to be a hero and claimed to take my life to bring justice to their people.

Your evilness should stop! If I don't kill you today, more innocent cultivators will die in your hands."

Austin looked at the elder of the Ji clan murderously. He knew that he must not let this opportunity to pass. He must kill him as soon as possible.

Aside from that, the members of the six sects might not be able to withstand the royal family's army.

Swish! Swish! Swish

Austin stretched his hand and pointed at the five huge swords.

The swords that contained the power of the five-element law released a strong sword intent. The five giant swords then flew towards the elder of the Ji Clan.

It was only now that Austin used the Five Elements Dominant Swordsmanship in its full capacity. That was why the sword intent that he unleashed was more powerful than the previous ones.

"Humph! Crazy bastard! You're just at the medium stage of Minor-perfection Realm. How dare you talk to me this way?"

the elder of the Ji Clan shouted in fury.

He stared at Austin coldly. Then, he stretched out his hand, and a tremendous amount of black vital energy surged from his body. It transformed into a massive claw and instantly attacked the five swords.

The collision of the two forces created an overwhelming wave of energy.

The palace guards nearby were blown into pieces. Hundreds of people were injured and killed due to the impact.

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