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   Chapter 1809 The Fierce Battle In The Imperial Palace (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6129

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This was clearly not a common magic treasure. On the surface of the mace, some sort of white fog was rushing and roaring. Its power was clearly appalling.


A flash of blood seemed to somehow begin to flow in the air around them. An old official in court clothes with a little red gourd in his hand appeared out of nowhere. The gourd glowed and then began to grow larger. With a loud bang, the faint traces of blood mist in the air began to grow dense and rushed towards Austin.

This blood mist carried a weird power that could instantly corrode a cultivators' vital energy.


A middle-aged official strode forward. He looked like a gentleman of scholarly bearing, with an elegant and knowledgeable look on his face. A yellow threaded ancient book was floating above his head and the pages kept on turning back and forth. That very process of page turning made the book emit a glittering, translucent glow that seemed to suppress Austin.

"Kill him!"

Hundreds of thousands of palace guards shouted at once and released vital energy force. But somehow, even such impossible power wasn't too much for Austin.

"Fine, since you are so stubborn, don't blame me for what comes next!"

Austin roared in a furious voice.


His demonic avatar suddenly appeared beside him.

"Third stage of the World Sealing Tabooed Magic!"

Austin shouted an order at the avatar, who immediately understood what it had to do.

It extended one of its fingers which was surrounded by runes and with a step, began to seal off the space.

Suddenly, the magic runes around his fingers spread quickly and instantly stopped the very flow of space-time.

With that attack successful, everyone who had attacked Austin was horrified to find that his or her body could not move anymore. Their movements were tightly s

sweeping away the fallen leaves.

The demonic avatar also continued to employ the World Sealing Tabooed Magic, constantly sealing large groups of people, and then absorbing their blood and flesh essence. It was getting stronger and Austin's enemies were getting fewer and fewer.

The more blood and flesh essence it sucked, the stronger the demonic avatar became. It was already extremely powerful and no one was daring enough to approach it in this monstrous state.

The whole imperial palace was reeking with the disgusting smell of blood.

It had been turned into a slaughterhouse by one man alone.

Austin and the demonic avatar were killing like butchers faced with a large number of chickens.

And at that precise moment, outside the imperial capital city, a loud voice rang out.


Earth shattering cries of warriors were heard. The Merry Gang and five other sects launched an attack simultaneously, rushing inside the imperial capital city.

"Your Majesty, we've got a problem! An army of more than a hundred thousand cultivators is attacking the city! We're falling like carrots."

One of the soldiers who were responsible for guarding the city gate rushed in to report to the emperor.

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