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   Chapter 1807 Breaking Into The Royal Palace

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7384

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Austin levitated outside the imperial capital city of Flame Kingdom. He placed his hands behind his back, his clothes fluttering.

Violet, the gnome and the leaders of six sects were next to him.

More than a hundred thousand people were standing behind them.

"I'll break into the palace now.

You and your people stay here,"

Austin said.

"Holy Heritor, the royal family has a lot of masters.

Besides, I heard that many skillful cultivators of the Ji Clan are in the imperial capital city.

Why don't you let us help you fight a way in?"

suggested Fahd from the Merry Gang.

"No, thanks. I can handle this.

You just need to take care of the royal troops with your crew.

I will get those masters,"

Austin confidently replied.

Then Austin used the bodily movement skill he had created to make himself invisible. He then flew towards the big city in front of him.

Seeing that Austin suddenly vanished, Fahd and the other five sect leaders were surprised.

They realized that they couldn't even perceive Austin with their spiritual senses.

"The strength of Holy Heritor is truly mysterious and unfathomable,"

Fahd said in awe.

"Yes, I heard that even Steward Sebastia of the Vasteras Holy Land was badly injured by him and ran away by burning his blood essence.

Holy Heritor is much powerful than cultivators of his realm. You can't measure his strength by his cultivation base,"

said Levi, the leader of the Black Mountain Gang.

The other four sect leaders nodded in agreement.

Now, all of them had chosen to side and fight along with Austin.

The more powerful Austin was, the more satisfied and grateful they were.

At this time, Austin arrived at the imperial capital city.

He went straight to the palace.

A few moments later, Austin appeared above the palace, floating in the air.

"Listen carefully, you damn emperor. I'm Austin Lin, the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land.

You have ten minutes to come out. Give up the throne now and leave the imperial capital city.

From now on, our holy land will take charge of the Flame Kingdom!"

When Austin spoke, he manifested the Roaring Blast.

His voice surged in all directions

as the reason he tolerated Austin's rude behaviors.

"Ha-ha, don't get me wrong. The Ji Clan is not involved in this.

Flame Kingdom is our sect's subsidiary force and it will always be.

There's no way that I will allow the people of the Ji Clan to take control over what belongs to us.

In order to please the elder of the Ji Clan, you even sent troops to arrest cultivators and hand them over to that elder to slaughter.

You are such a savage emperor who doesn't know how to protect his people. Instead, you sacrifice their lives just to please the Ji Clan.

It's a pity that you're the king of the Flame Kingdom.

Today, I will relieve you of your post for the sake of all the people in this kingdom!"

Austin declared firmly.

"What?! How dare you!" the old eunuch cursed, pointing at Austin.

He trembled with anger.

Under Austin's control, the Spiritual Pot rushed instantly into the old eunuch's Soul Sea.

"Ah!" the old eunuch shrieked as the pot hit his spiritual soul.

He was thrown into the air. He spat out blood and his face went deathly pale.

He was only at the preliminary stage of Minor-perfection Realm. There was no way that he could withstand the attack of Austin's Spiritual Pot.

When the old eunuch steadied himself, Austin raised his hand and a black sword aura came at him.

The old eunuch's head fell to the ground after the sword aura cut it off.

Blood spurted out like a fountain from the decapitated body.

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