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   Chapter 1806 Make The Six Sects Subsidiaries

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Then Elder Spencer told Fahd, the leader of the Merry Gang, the story how he met Austin.

When the leader of the Merry Gang heard that the young man in front of him was the famous Austin of the East Mainland, his eyes went wide. Austin had quite the reputation.

Although he was a leader of a sect, the Merry Gang could only be called a sixth-class small sect.

Besides, he was only a cultivator at the premium stage of Minor-perfection Realm.

He had witnessed Austin easily kill two masters of the Ji Clan, so he didn't dare to be disrespectful in front of him. He was not scared, though. He was just being careful.

"Thank you very much for saving our sect,"

the leader of the Merry Gang said respectfully as he went to Austin.

"Come here everyone. Bow and thank this young man for saving our lives,"

said Elder Spencer as he waved his hand.

Among the Merry Gang, Elder Spencer enjoyed a very high position not much less than the leader.

"I can't thank you enough for saving my life!"

Immediately, around twenty to thirty thousand members of the Merry Gang came over to thank Austin.

"In addition to the Merry Gang, how many other sects have also been put under siege by the royal army?"

Austin asked.

"In this period of time, at least fifteen or sixteen sects have encountered the same thing as our Merry Gang,"

answered the leader, Fahd.

"Got it."

Austin nodded.

As he looked at the troops of the Merry Gang, an idea suddenly came to him:

How about taking advantage of this opportunity to collect all the sects that were once suppressed by the royal army of the Flame Kingdom and make them subsidiary sects of the Flame Holy Land?

It would be easier to take control of the Flame Kingdom with these sects then.

"I'm going to overthrow the royal family of the Flame Kingdom and support a new royal family. The Flame Kingdom would be our subsidiary force in the future,"

Austin said slowly. Then he stared at Fahd as if he was checking if Fahd understood every word he said.

Seeing Austin staring at him, Fahd was stunned.

It took him a while, but soon, he understood what Austin meant.

"Holy Heritor! We, Merry Gang, are willing to follow you and be the subsidiary sect of the Flame Holy Land,"

Fahd said right after he took a deep breath and contemplated Austin's idea.

The Merry Gang was just a small and six-class sect.

If they could rely on the Flame Holy Land, perhaps it would also be an opportunity for them to develop.

What's more, the royal family of the Flame Kingdom had always been hostile to the Merry Gang.

With their strength, the Merry Gang was

the imperial capital city by the army of the royal family.

Austin successfully saved all the people of the four sects.

They were the Purple Moon Sect, the Heavenly Seal Gang, the Bloody Gang, and the Jade Hall Gang.

Austin told them his plan and all the four sect leaders agreed to submit to the Flame Holy Land and become its subsidiary force.

Thus, Austin had totally subdued six sects along the way.

Though the six sects were only at the sixth-class, they had more than a hundred thousand members in total.

When they gathered together, it was indeed an appalling scene.

Moreover, there were also some high-level masters among the six sects.

For example, the sect leaders of the six sects were all at the Minor-perfection Realm.

The elders and stewards were basically the masters of the Divine Bridge Realm.

The joint power of the senior members of the six sects was not weak.

When Austin was in the Prime Martial World, he had formed the A.L. Army; he had also led the Southern Alliances Army to fight against the demon race from the Demon Abyss World.

Therefore, having over a hundred thousand people under his command was surely a piece of cake.

Under Austin's guidance, all of these hundred thousand people were marching toward the imperial capital city of the Flame Kingdom in an orderly queue.

After long hours of walking, they finally saw it.

A huge city appeared on the horizon ahead.

"Sir, the imperial capital city is right ahead," Fahd said to Austin.

Looking straight ahead, Austin could see the city and he couldn't help but feel his excitement fueled by the plan he thought and the hearts of the members of the six sects on his back. His eyes were filled with fire. There was no turning back now.

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