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   Chapter 1805 The Secret Evil Yaksha Skill

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10478

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"An elder from our clan is practicing a secret skill from the Dark Scripture. To master the skill, he needs to devour a lot of fresh cultivator corpses.

We were ordered by the elder to arrest all the people from the fifth-class and sixth-class sects when he visited the Flame Kingdom. He wants us to bring them to the imperial capital city,"

the young man in black replied.

"Hold on!

It's the Evil Yaksha Skill he's cultivating, isn't it?"

Austin asked, approaching the man.

The only evil skill of the Dark Scripture Austin had ever witnessed was the Evil Yaksha Skill. When he was in the Five Elements City, he witnessed Gale from the Ji Clan perform the skill.

That was when he learned that cultivators needed to eat a large amount of corpses in order to practice the Evil Yaksha Skill.

So he guessed that was the skill that the elder possessed.

"Yes. You're right,"

the young man answered hesitantly.

"That can't be… I heard that your clan members are forbidden from learning the Evil Yaksha Skill.

How did he cultivate it?"

Austin asked, looking at the man questioningly.

"It is forbidden, but many of us still practice it secretly.

After all, the skill can greatly improve our effectiveness in combat.

Even when our senior members see us practicing, they turn a blind eye. We won't be punished,"

the young man explained.

"Okay. I understand.

The troops from the royal family are wiping out these small sects so that the elder from the Ji Clan can eat corpses and cultivate his Evil Yaksha Skill,"

Austin murmured.

He looked at the ground and sneered. "Who would have thought that the people from the Ji Clan would be so selfish and evil?"

Austin added.

"The people of the Ji Clan are monsters. They want to kill us just so they could cultivate the evil skill!" Elder Spencer of the Merry Gang said through gritted teeth.

He scowled at the young man in black and took a step towards him.

"Wait! Austin, I told you what you wanted. Please, don't kill me!"

the young man pleaded.

"I've seen people like you. You enjoy hurting people. If I let you go, you will become stronger and get more people in trouble.

Humph! Fine! I'll spare you but you still need to be punished for what you've done," Austin spat, crossing his arms.

He frowned and held out his hand, releasing a stream of vital energy. The young man ducked as Austin smashed his elixir field.

"Austin, you're evil!"

the young man screamed as he fell onto his knees.

Nonchalantly, Austin waved his sleeve, and the young man was flung thousands of meters away. As the sound of his yelling became more distant, Austin shrugged and walked back to Elder Spencer.

"All right. Let's go and save the other people from your sect,"

Austin said to Elder Spencer.

"Thank you very much, Holy Heritor!" Elder Spencer replied.

He clapped his hands once and followed Austin as he left.

It took nearly half a day for Elder Spencer to guide Austin to the other people from the Merry Gang.

They crouched behind a bush and watched as a few thousand soldiers led about twenty thousan

't believe that Austin had killed his evil Yakshas so quickly. While the master was distracted, Austin sent a two-meter tall Spiritual Pot at his head.

It flew like lightning towards him and burst into his Soul Sea, hitting his spiritual soul hard.


The master from the Ji Clan screamed and writhed on the ground.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

"What is this sword skill?"

the master shouted as the five, huge swords came flying at him.

All at once, the swords sliced him into tiny pieces.

The crowd of people all looked at Austin in shock. None of them could comprehend how a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Major-perfection Realm could have died like that.

Austin yelled out in glee and he punched his fist in the air in triumph.

He now knew that the power of the Five Elements Dominant Swordsmanship wouldn't fail him even against an opponent at a higher level.

As Austin celebrated, Violet and the gnome took their chance to charge at the remaining soldiers. They were all still frozen in shock and it took a moment for them to realize what was happening.

After seeing them fight before, Austin knew that Violet and the gnome were very skilled and it wouldn't take long for the soldiers to all lie dead. Most died and some escaped, but, in the end, all the soldiers were gone.

Immediately, Elder Spencer and the others from his sect ran at the prisoners and began untying them from their shackles. They cried out in joy.

Elder Spencer turned and broke the shackles of a middle-aged man dressed in white.

"Master, we are saved!" he rejoiced.

Austin realized that that man was the leader of the Merry Gang.

A young man and woman rushed to the man in white.

"Dad, are you all right?" they both asked with concern. The man ignored them and turned to face Elder Spencer.

"What's going on, Elder Spencer? I told you to escort them out! Why are you here?"

he asked Elder Spencer, looking straight at Austin.

"Leader, it's okay. This young man saved us!"

Elder Spencer replied excitedly as he turned to pull Austin towards them.

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