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   Chapter 1804 Being Interrogated

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"Austin! He is the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land!"

the old man in grey from the Merry Gang exclaimed as he fixed his eyes on Austin. There was a confused look on his face, as he looked both excited and worried.

His thoughts were probably in a conflict. Finally, he made up his mind and started to walk towards Austin.

Once he got closer, he suddenly got down on one knee in front of Austin.

He turned towards the other members of the Merry Gang and said, "Young master, miss, and all of you, come here. Kneel down in front of the Holy Heritor!

Hurry up!"

His sudden action and words startled all the people of the Merry Gang on the spot.

"Elder Spencer, what are... you..."

the members of the Merry Gang mumbled as they were even more confused.

Although Austin had saved them just now, it was not in Elder Spencer's usual manner to kneel casually before anyone.

"Hurry up! You should listen to me and follow my words!"

shouted Elder Spencer, irritated at the hesitation of the other members of the Merry Gang.

At his behest and insistence, the rest of the members of the Merry Gang had to kneel down before Austin.

Austin looked at Elder Spencer and found from his worrisome expression that he needed his help.

So, he decided to remain calm and hear what the old man wanted to say.

"Young hero, may I ask if you are Austin Lin, the Holy Heritor from the Flame Holy Land?"

Elder Spencer asked Austin with due respect.

"Yes. Indeed, I am Austin."

Austin confirmed and nodded his head.

"Great! That means our Merry Gang can be saved!

Holy Heritor, please have mercy on us and save the lives of tens of thousands of disciples of our Merry Gang!"

Elder Spencer said to Austin in a sincere tone. He seemed to be pleading for help.

"Well, I'd like you to tell me what happened,"

Austin said to the old man.

"Holy Heritor, please allow me to explain. In our Flame Kingdom, something terrible happened.

Recently, many sects within our kingdom have been seized by the imperial army of our kingdom.

Moreover, all the members of those sects of our kingdom have been captured by the imperial army.

As of now, more than a dozen sects, including our Merry Gang has been eradicated by the imperial army.

All the people of these destroyed sects, including the sect leader and disciples, were taken to the imperial capital city for further punishment citing treason.

By now, hundreds of thousands of people have been escorted to the imperial capital city by the army of the royal family.

Yesterday, our Merry Gang was suddenly surrounded b

g at it as a blessing in disguise, Austin decided to help the Merry Gang.

"Austin, it's the affair of our Ji Clan. I suggest that you do not step foot into it and leave us alone."

The face of the young man in black changed as he heard Austin's question.

"What if I make up my mind to interfere?

Don't talk and boast unnecessarily about your Ji Clan in front of me. It is useless before me.

I have killed numerous people of your clan. Don't you remember?

So, it is better you tell the truth immediately!

Otherwise, you know what I can do. I will make your life a living hell!"

As he spoke the last sentence, Austin's tone became cold.

"Austin, let me go. I will not mess with you anymore!

Moreover, I will talk to our chief and all the previous grudges between you and us will be written off.

What do you say? Will you accept this offer?"

the young man in black said, a hint of fear flickering in his eyes.

"Damn you! Don't talk nonsense before me. I don't care about your offer!

Do you think you are powerful enough to persuade the head of your Ji Clan? I doubt that!

So, stop this and just answer my question honestly!"

Austin found the young man's words annoying and amusing.

Obviously, the young man was talking nonsense. He wanted to deceive Austin to let him go.


Austin began to control his strong spiritual sense force to break into the young man's Soul Sea and hit his spiritual soul heavily.


the young man yelled painfully as he felt a splitting headache. He could feel that his spiritual soul was almost ruined.

"I will tell you the truth. I will! Please don't kill me!"

the young man screamed with great terror. He was too terrified to resist Austin.

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