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   Chapter 1803 Rescue

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A man from the Ji Clan heavily slapped the young man from the Merry Gang, throwing him few meters away. When he dropped on the ground, no one knew whether he was alive or not as he neither moved nor moaned.

"Brother, are you all right?

You bastard, let me go!"

Seeing what happened to her brother, the lady from the Merry Gang yelled as she struggled to free herself.

At this time, the young man in black had already rudely hoisted her.

"You bitch! Be quiet!

You're lucky I like you; otherwise, I would have already slit your tongue.

If you serve me with all your heart later, maybe I'll be kind enough to let you live,"

the man in black threatened as he caressed her sensitive parts.

As she felt his rough touch against her skin, the girl struggled and screamed.

She was just at the preliminary stage of Bitter Sea Realm, and this man rendered her powerless.

"Ha-ha, have a good time, Mr. Ji.

This bitch is beautiful and has a nice figure. I bet you will have a good time.

I'll take the other bastards back first,"

General Yu said and winked, with a hint of greed in his eyes.


The young man in black nodded with a wide grin.

He was about to leave with the girl in his arms when suddenly, three figures appeared before him and blocked his way.

"Who are you?"

he asked, blinking his eyes as he became more alert.

Because the three figures looked too strange, he was slightly startled and almost stumbled on his feet.

All of them flashed so quickly in front of him without any signs at all.

Moreover, he was also intimidated by the immense energy that emitted from them.

In fact, those three figures were actually just Austin, Violet, and the gnome.

"Put this young lady down at once, and then kneel and make a thousand kowtows to her.

If she forgives you, I might just give you a chance to live,"

Austin commanded sternly, keeping a poker face as he stared at the man in black.

"Who the hell are you?

You dare to mess with the Ji Clan? Humph! Let's see if you can take the consequences."

The young man in black immediately mentioned the Ji Clan to threaten Austin's group.

Indeed, as one of the three prestigious clans, the Ji Clan was a compelling force in the East Mainland. No or

is enemies.

Aside from that, he was fully aware of how formidable the latter was.

Even Steward Sebastia from the Vasteras Holy Land was severely injured by Austin. So how could he, a merely spoiled aristocrat, be a match against this guy?

Terrified and panicked, the man in black started to flee without hesitation.

He turned himself into a black light and tried his best to escape as fast as he could.

"Well, you can't run away from me," Austin uttered.

Using his bodily movement skill, he strode a big leap and ignored the distance, enabling him to catch up with the young man in a jiffy.

"Austin, I'll fight it out with you!"

having no way to escape, the young man in black shouted angrily.

"Just you? You want to fight with me? You don't deserve it!"

Austin unleashed a pale golden vital energy force.

Under its immense pressure, the young man in black found himself unable to move.

Waving his hand, Austin summoned a flurry of forcible wind, saving the lady of the Merry Gang from the young man in black.

"Austin, don't kill me!"

he shouted, completely scared to death.

He knew Austin was a demon who slaughtered without even blinking his eyes.

In the East Mainland, a large number of disciples from holy lands, noble clans, and other major sects had been killed by him.

His diabolic reputation was feared by almost all, but right now, he had to fight it all out to keep himself alive.

Indeed, when faced with death, few people could really become fearless.

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