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   Chapter 1802 Merry Gang

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Austin, Violet, and the gnome headed for the imperial capital city of the Flame Kingdom. But their journey was interrupted in between by a shout.

"Sir, Miss, you must leave as quickly as possible. Let us handle them."

An anxious shout suddenly reached their ears and they stopped in their paths.

Then Austin saw a group of people rushing towards them from the woods in front of them. They were looking rather embarrassed.

The group consisted of about a hundred members and they were being led by an old man.

Judging by their clothes, they were from the same sect.

The old man clad in grey and evidently the strongest and the thinnest of them all was walking at the end of the line, urging the people in front to speed up.

"Elder Spencer, no! We should run together.

I cannot leave you alone to fight the enemy."

There was a young man and a young woman — both well-dressed — in the line, and apparently they were protected by the others of the group.

"Sorry sir! Sorry miss! We have no other choice. I'll only slow you down and if we move at such a low pace, they'll catch us pretty soon and none of us will make it out of here alive.

You are the only remaining children of our leader, and with you lie the hopes of the future of our Merry Gang. We need you to escape.

You must try and find a place to hide.

You'll rebuild the Merry Gang someday in the future,"

the old man replied sadly.

"And you, you must do your best to assist them.

You're the only remaining members of our Merry Gang.

In fact, you all are the elite disciples of our Merry Gang. Our gang has been treating you very well over the last few years and it's time to prove that worth. You must carry out your duties conscientiously and protect the two of them,"

the old man told the others.

"Yes, Elder Spencer! We will do our best to protect them and will never turn our back on the Merry Gang. Our loyalties lie with you,"

the rest of them responded in unison and assured the old man. Even with their resolve, they looked sad and their eyes were red.

"Very well.

Now, get out of here as soon as possible.

I will cover you and distract the enemy. I hope you make it out of here safely,"

the old man in gray urgently told them to run.

"It's too late.

I am not going to let a single person of your Merry Gang escape.

Humph! Traitors! You betrayed the empire. The emperor explicitly issued an edict that you must enter the imperial capital city and accept the arrangements of the royal family. All you had to was follow the king. And yet...

How dare you run away without permission!

You must be sentenced to death!"

Suddenly, a cold voice resounded in the air, and a tall figure app

ing away anymore!

We have been ordered to arrest you on sight. Wherever you choose to escape, it will be useless. We will find you!"

the young man responded coldly.


At that moment, a large group of people rushed fiercely from the distance towards them.

They were at their side immediately.

This boom had been made by a troop of soldiers in heavy armors, each holding a long, shining spear, and looking very mighty.

"General Yu!"

The leader of this troop walked up to the general and addressed him respectfully.

"Arrest them! Take them back now,"

ordered the general.

"Yes, sir!"

The leader replied respectfully.

Then a large group of soldiers rushed forwards and encircled the members of the Merry Gang. The latter were already subdued and did not resist anymore.

"The Merry Gang is doomed! Our last hope is gone!"

the old man in grey muttered to himself. He was completely in despair by now and numb with grief.

"Hang on. Take the rest of these people back.

I'll take care of this girl.

She is rather beautiful, you know — in appearance, and in figure."

The young man in black suddenly seemed to change his mind and find evil intentions. He then appeared right next to the miss of the Merry Gang, stretched out his hand, and touched her face softly.

"Get away from me!"

the girl screamed in a fearful tone, her face turning pale.

"Let go of my sister, you bastard! I'll kill you!"

the young man of the Merry Gang shouted angrily.

"Rubbish! Do you want to die? I can arrange that!"

The man in black slapped him hard across the face.

The attack was so strong that the young man was thrown into the air.

Austin's eyes grew cold as he watched this scene in the distant sky.

"Let's go! They need our help!"

he told his companions.

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