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   Chapter 1801 The Four Martial Arts Schools Of The Middle Pilgrim Land

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"Violet, you and the gnome can match the cultivators at the premium stage of Divine Bridge Realm. Besides, the two of you have inherited some martial skills," said Austin.

"The three of us can actually travel the world together now. You don't have to cultivate in seclusion anymore just like before."

Austin was trying to convince Violet.

He wanted her to be with him in his journey.

"You're right, master."

Violet nodded in agreement. "I believe, I will be able to help you a lot, master."

The truth was, she was actually looking forward to exploring the world with Austin too.

After all, her life had been boring because she had only spent most of it in cultivating and practicing.

Violet was a lively and active girl. If given a choice, she would prefer to live a wonderful life.

"That's great!" exclaimed Austin in delight. A hint of excitement flashed through his eyes.

"Let's start it now. Let's go to the imperial capital city of the Flame Kingdom right away," he urged excitedly.

"Master, are you going to fight the royal family of the Flame Kingdom alone?" asked Violet.

She couldn't help but worry a little.

"Yes, I can handle a mere royal family," answered Austin.

There was confidence in his voice.

"Our holy land needs more hands right now. The three elders and the four stewards have already gotten their hands full.

Elder Sharp has to stay at the headquarters to guide the cultivation of the disciples. So, I have to do this on my own."

As the Holy Heritor, he should take responsibilities as well especially in protecting their holy land.

"Humph! The royal family of the Flame Kingdom has been provoking our holy land. It's time to deal with them," he added.

His emitted a ferocious aura.

"If that's the case, then I'll help you this time," offered Violet.

"Now that I can already match a cultivator at the premium stage of Divine Bridge Realm, it's time to show them what I am capable of. If I only continue to train in the Slave Tower, it won't help me at all."

Violet became excited when she thought about the coming adventures with Austin.

"You are right."

Austin nodded in agreement.

'She has a point. The most powerful slaves in the Slave Tower are just at the premium stage of Divine Bridge Realm. She doesn't need to continue her training there, ' he thought.

Since everything was settled, Austin summoned the gnome.

The gnome could also match a cultivator at the premium stage of Divine Bridge Realm.

"Let's go!"

Austin commenced his journey with Violet and the gnome.

Meanwhile, in the Middle Pilgrim Land of the Divine Continent.

There was a mysterious place.

Large area of mountains were shrouded by the divine light and covered

he could be a promising student. When we first came to this school, his realm was lower than mine. But now, he is already much stronger than I."

The young man in blue shook his head and sighed.

"I think aside from us, most students from the East Mainland in the other schools will go home too."

The young man in purple decided to change the topic so they could forget about Henry Ji.

He was not in the mood to dwell more about that guy.

"The people in the East Mainland will definitely talk about our return," he added.

"Ha-ha! You bet. Although we aren't the best students in the four schools, people in the East Mainland will surely treat us with utter respect."

Obviously, the young man in blue was very proud to be one of the students in the White Tiger school.

"The four martial arts schools in the Middle Pilgrim Land are the most powerful forces in the Divine Continent. Students like us who come from these schools are superior to others. In short, wherever we go in the Divine Continent, people will show us great respect."

The eyes of the young man in blue were twinkling in excitement.

They hadn't reached home yet but he was already imagining things.

He was very confident that the people of the East Mainland would start to treat them differently since they were students of one of the four martial arts schools in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

So, they happily started their journey home.

They went back to the East Mainland together.

Aside from them, many young students from the four prominent schools were also on their way back to the East Mainland.

The four martial arts schools in the Middle Pilgrim Land held great prestige and reputation in the Divine Continent.

There was no doubt that the news about their recruitment would make a hit in the entire Divine Continent.

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