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   Chapter 1800 Violet's Inherited Martial Skill

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Updated: 2020-01-05 12:57

"What?" she said while trying to catch her breath. Her clothes had been disheveled when she was making out with Austin a few seconds ago.

Her heart was beating faster, for she knew what Austin meant.

"Do you miss Ivy and Sue?"

she asked abruptly in a low voice.

Austin was stunned with her unexpected question.

"Of course, I miss them," he replied.

He smiled tenderly and met her affectionate gaze.

"It's been a while. Until now, we still have no clue where Ivy and Sue are.

I want to find them first. Once they accept our relationship, I will be yours.


she pleaded in a low voice while nestled in Austin's arms.

Austin could feel her sultry body tremble and her face was glowing with excitement.

Her eyes were unfocused. She looked like a drunk woman as she enjoyed Austin's gentle caress.

But in her heart, she tried to keep herself sane.

It was because she suddenly thought of Austin's two fiancees, Ivy and Sue. Caroline was a woman of pride and elegance. She always wanted things done properly, so she wouldn't allow herself to sleep with Austin while Ivy and Sue were still missing. It felt like cheating.

"All right, I promise you."

Austin nodded gently and tried to control his desire.

After a while, both of them calmed down.

"By the way, the two hundred Green Evil Pills that you gave to Priest Callum worked really well.

It helped a lot of my people to reach the Emperor Realm.

I want to send all those who have entered the Emperor Realm here so that they could train themselves,"

Caroline said to Austin.

"I'm glad to hear that.

I will transfer them to the first floor, and they could train there.

And I will ask Brady to take care of them secretly so that they won't be in danger."

Austin was amazed.

'It looks like the Green Evil Pill is really helpful in the cultivation of the evil shadow race, ' he thought.

Through his spiritual sense, Austin immediately asked Priest Callum to gather all the members of the evil shadow race who were at the Emperor Realm.

"OK. I will have them ready,"

Priest Callum replied to Austin through his spiritual sense.

Shortly afterwards, Priest Callum rounded up all those who had reached the Emperor Realm on another street of the City model.

There were more than twenty of them, and they were all at the preliminary stage of

our nine-tailed demon fox,"

Violet added.

"Wow! You have also started to awaken your inherited marital skills!

That's great!"

Austin said with glee.

'Last time the gnome awakened an inherited martial skill after he made a breakthrough.

Now, Violet had also awakened her inherited martial skills. How brilliant!' he thought.

An ancient beast's strength would generally be improved after they awakened their inherited martial skills. They would no longer have difficulty handling opponents whose cultivation base was higher than theirs.

"Violet, what is the inherited skill you have acquired?"

Austin asked.

Violet and Austin shared almost everything with each other.

"Master, it's the Soul Devouring Skill.

When I display it, I can use its power to attack my opponent's spiritual soul.

I can wipe out their memories and anything related to their souls. They will not be able to think straight and become an idiot,"

Violet answered.

'Wow! That's an awesome skill.'

Austin gasped in astonishment.

'The soul attack that she gained is terrifyingly powerful.

It is very difficult for anyone to withstand it.

Anyone who will be hit by the attack will suffer a very serious consequence of becoming an idiot, ' he brooded.

"Violet, this martial skill in your race is a little weird and quite scary,"

Austin said.

"Of course, our race has a lot of powerful inherited martial skills.

That's why we are considered as one of the most powerful beast races in ancient times,"

Violet said as she proudly raised her chin.

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