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   Chapter 1799 How About Now

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Austin turned to Rahul and yelled orders at him to take charge of the Five Elements City. He nodded and gestured for the other disciples to follow Rahul during his absence.

Afterwards, he went to the depth of the castellan mansion and stood in the teleportation array. With a flash, he traveled back to the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

Even though it didn't feel like it, it had been more than half a year since Austin had been at the headquarters.

The surroundings had changed drastically. His eyes couldn't stop moving as he took it all in.

All around the headquarters there were huge mountains. Each one was rounded and towering over the one before it.

In between the mountains, trees and other foliage were scattered on the ground.

The Flame Holy Land was deemed the headquarters of a big sect and now it had the surroundings to match it.

The area used to be miles of scarlet desert. There wasn't a drop of greenery in sight. Now, no one would be able to tell that it was once barren.

Austin's eyes widened as he took it all in. The headquarters was beautiful and he was glad to be home.

He admired the work of the Sect-protecting Array of the Flame Holy Land. It had been around since ancient times and was responsible for altering the location.

The array was big enough to change the topography of the surrounding area. Austin couldn't believe that arrays had so much power that they could still amaze him.

Smiling, Austin strolled inside and wandered until he came across another human. It took him several minutes before he stumbled across Elder Sharp.

The three elders and four stewards had already gone out so Elder Sharp was left in charge.

The Flame Holy Land had just been rebuilt, and everything needed to be upgraded.

Therefore, the three elders and four stewards had been very busy over the past six months. They had been building and organizing with other clans and races.

After lots of negotiating, the Flame Holy Land had convinced the Deep Sea Commercial House to work with them in all aspects.

In addition, the Han Clan, one of the three large clans; the beast race, found residing in the East Mainland; and the fire crow race were very close to the Flame Holy Land.

They had managed to enlist these clans and races but they still had to work to develop relationships with their leaders and people.

Therefore, the three elders and four stewards often went out to communicate with them and deal with all kinds of affairs.

It was the job of the three elders to travel to the East Mainland and recruit more potential disciples. The job wasn't easy and often took several days.

Elder Sharp, on the other hand, stayed in the headquarters and took char

white slender neck had also turned strangely red.

She continued to look up at Austin and he could tell that she was nervous and fascinated.

At that moment, Caroline felt that she was about to melt in his love.

'Damn it! That was close!

I almost forgot about that Lothario!'

he thought, jumping in surprise.

Then Austin concentrated and formed a thick spiritual sense wall in his Soul Sea, which blocked it from others completely.

"Damn it! You brat!

I wanted to see what would happen next. Don't you know it's impolite to interrupt?

I'm trapped in here with nothing to do.

Can't I have some entertainment?"

The Flame Emperor cursed from Austin's Soul Sea.

Once Austin had sealed his Soul Sea, the Flame Emperor couldn't see what was happening with Austin and Caroline any longer. He sighed.

"Damn it! When I successfully rebuild my body, I will find a bunch of beautiful girls and surround myself with them to make up for what I have suffered over the past thousand years!"

the flame emperor said with hatred.

"What's wrong, Austin?"

she asked in a low voice.

"Nothing. Let's continue.

You are so beautiful, Caroline,"

Austin said with a smile.

"Stop it, Austin. When did you learn to be so naughty?"

Caroline was a little shy, but her heart was overjoyed to hear him say it.

"Hey, you need to hear it. It's true,"

he whispered in her ear, which made her giggle and blush harder.

Completely taken aback, Caroline stared up at Austin. Her mind was no longer functioning properly.

She closed her eyes and soaked in every sense and breath.

There wasn't any more fight in her. She didn't want to resist him.

"Caroline, we have to take this step sooner or later. How about now..."

he said, lowering his head and whispering into her ears.

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