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   Chapter 1798 A Low-profile Master

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"Answer me. Be honest or your soul will be ruined!"

Austin said in a cold voice.


The moment Austin finished his words, the killer's head exploded. He died on the spot.

Austin frowned in disappointment.

'Probably this is a rule for the members of the Slaughtering Sect.

If the assassin fails in his mission and gets caught accidentally, his head will explode automatically.

In this way, no one would be able to track down the headquarters of the Slaughtering Sect, ' he thought.

"Are you all right, Austin?"

Suddenly he saw a dozen figures in the sky. Quickly they landed beside Austin.

They were the disciples of the Flame Holy Land. Rahul was among them too.

"I've heard that killers from the Slaughtering Sect had appeared and wanted to assassinate you. So I rushed here immediately,"

said Rahul.

In the last six months, Austin had spent most of his time practicing sword skills in the Divine Sword Cliff.

Rahul had attended to all the daily affairs in the Five Elements City in his absence.

"Don't worry; I'm good. I managed to kill them all. Let's go back,"

Austin replied calmly.

He led the disciples of the Flame Holy Land and they began their journey back to the Five Elements City.

He knew how to practice the Five Elements Dominant Swordsmanship. If he wanted to employ that sword skill to full capacity, he needed to have a better understanding of the rules of five elements and needed to do more practice.

Since he had already learnt how to use that sword skill, there was no reason for him to continue staying in the Divine Sword Cliff.

Austin and his companions were on their way back to the Five Elements City.

"Congratulations, Holy Heritor! You have figured out the secret of the Divine Sword Cliff!

You are the second person I know, who has been able to do that."

A voice suddenly reached their ears. Austin found it a familiar one.

"It's you, sir!"

Austin was surprised when he found an old man standing before him. It was the man who had accompanied him to the Divine Sword Cliff last time.

"What's going on? What do you know about that secret?" Austin asked.

He was curious to know what the old man meant.

"Long time ago, a man accidentally saw the sword-light of the Divine Sword Cliff while he was passing the Five Elements City.

Then he comprehended swordsmanship in front of the Divine Sword Cliff, like you did.

In the end, he was able to figure out the secret of the cliff,"


his eyes turning sharp.

"Recently, the royal troops of the Flame Kingdom could be seen near the Fire City, the River City and the Five Elements City.

Upon that, I've heard that the royal family of the Flame Kingdom has issued orders secretly.

They wanted all the other cities inside the kingdom to be cut off from relationships with the Fire City, the River City and the Five Elements City. They forbade people to do business with the people in the three cities.

Besides, all the citizens of the kingdom are forbidden from entering the Fire City, the River City and the Five Elements City.

If anyone doesn't follow the orders, he will be charged with treason and even executed.

These days, we've got fewer visitors to this city.

No people from other cities have come here.

Some timid common people in the city left secretly because they didn't want to get into trouble,"

Rahul replied.

"Well, it's time to take back the power from the royal family,"

Austin snorted coldly.

A thousand years ago, the Flame Kingdom was originally a subsidiary of the Flame Holy Land, and it was completely under the control of the latter.

After the destruction of the Flame Holy Land, the royal family of the Flame Kingdom sided with one of the three prominent clans—the Ji Clan and became the subsidiary of the Ji Clan.

"I think the people of the Ji Clan is behind all this.

Otherwise, the royal family of the Flame Kingdom doesn't dare to challenge our holy land publicly.

Well, this time, I will take control over this kingdom," Austin said.

A cold light flashed in his eyes as he thought over everything what they had decided.

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