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   Chapter 1797 Kill The Killer

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After he cut a dark figure in half with his sword, Austin instantly vanished again soon.

The other assassins were too flabbergasted with how fast Austin moved.

Realizing that his bodily movement skill and martial arts skill were pretty much the same as the Slaughtering Scripture they practiced, they knew his techniques were exquisite assassinating skills too.


The moment those killers hesitated, Austin took the opportunity to disappear again into thin air.

He drew close to the other two killers and swung his Infernal Sword at them.

The white light emerged out of nowhere and shot forward, targeting the heads of the two assassins.


Their heads flung into the air as their blood dripped on the ground.

The other killers, afraid that it might be their turn next, stepped back in shock and vanished like lightning.

But their mission was to kill Austin, and seeing that he was still very much alive and kicking, they couldn't give up so easily.

Suddenly, a dozen figures slipped towards Austin from all directions.

"Humph! That won't work on me,"

Austin snorted.

The Earth Hermit had told Austin before that in the East Mainland, the Infernal Sect had a much longer history than the Slaughtering Sect.

The Infernal Sect was a killer organization founded more than a million years ago.

While the Slaughtering Sect was just founded long after the Infernal Sect had disappeared.

The Infernal Scripture of the Infernal Sect was much more powerful than the Slaughtering Scripture of the Slaughtering Sect. Heck, it was the most powerful ancient scripture in the killers' world!

Therefore, in terms of assassinating skills, Austin was actually more powerful than these killers.

"They are killers from the Slaughtering Sect!"

"Someone hired assassins to kill Austin!"

the onlookers around them uttered in a low voice.

Many of them were terrified to see the assassins in person.

After all, the Slaughtering Sect was a mysterious and dangerous organization of assassins that did not usually show themselves in public.

It was a nightmare for most warriors to be targeted by their killers.

They hid in the dark like snakes, gawking, and keeping their eyes on their prey. Nobody could tell when they would

netrated the void.


Simultaneous cries of pain blasted.

Then, the five killers were taken out of their concealment and presented to the public.

Four of the killers had been cut in half by the streaks of sword light and died.

Only one killer remained alive, although severely injured with his feet was entirely cut off.

Evidently, he could not resist the powerful sword light that Austin had just unleashed.

At this moment, all the cultivators around were extremely dumbfounded. Austin had just slaughtered thirteen killers who were sent to assassinate him.

He did that effortlessly, and none of them could run away.

Everyone fixated their glance at Austin, slowly recognizing how horrifyingly powerful he was.

Meanwhile, Austin held the white Infernal Sword, his eyes cold and murderous as if he was the God of death.

'Austin really deserves his reputation. He is indeed a fearsome, evil demon in the East Mainland.'

most of the cultivators told themselves.

In a blink of an eye, Austin dashed forward and flashed beside the last killer.

With a wave of his hand, a strand of golden vital energy force was shot out, sealing the body of the killer.

"Tell me, who instructed you to kill me?!"

Austin's voice was full of killing intent as he began his interrogation.

"Well, since our task failed, there is nothing to talk about.

Kill me!"

A hoarse voice came out of the killer's mouth, willingly ready to face death as a loyal assassin of the Slaughtering Sect.

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