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   Chapter 1796 Assassins From The Slaughtering Sect

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7618

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Moments later, the Divine Sword Cliff was surrounded by a multitude of cultivators.

However, even with their number, no one dared to get closer to the cliff.

It was because the space in front of it had been swallowed up by a mighty sword-light.

An enormous sword light, which emitted extremely terrifying sword intent, rushed to a specific spot on the threshold of the cliff.

Since Austin was wrapped in the dazzling radiant sword light, no cultivator saw him.

The sword intent was so formidable that cultivators couldn't perceive him even with the aid of their spiritual senses.

Among the crowd, however, was an old man with gray hair who had spotted him inside the sword-light.

'It's him!'

the old man thought as he stared at Austin in shock.

"It seems like he had figured out the secret of the Divine Sword Cliff.

A few hundred thousand years have passed, and such blazing sword-light appeared once again.

Looks like this young man is as talented as that man in swordsmanship!"

The old man was extremely shocked that he could hardly calm himself down.

"The sword light is too terrifying. I can't even get close to it!"

"So do I. Only those top cultivators from the holy lands or prominent clans could approach it.

Ordinary ones like us will be dead once the sword-light hits us!"

"Looks like we have to wait until it depletes if we want to find out what's going on."

A thousand cultivators gathered around the cliff as they talked, and discussed the intensified sword light.

As Austin was surrounded by the radiant light, he didn't notice the cultivators that flocked nearby.

Streaks of sword-light integrated with the five beaming light around him.

Meanwhile, Austin concentrated on comprehending how the five elements worked.

The sword lights from the cliff contained very profound rules of five elements.

It would be evidently arduous to understand how it functioned.

Time went by slowly, and the number of cultivators gathered around the cliff increased.

Their loud voices filled the entire cliff as they waited patiently.

No one dared to leave, obviously anticipating to see what was to happen.

The sword cliff was known to be connected to an ancient cultivator who had reached the Immortal Transfor

rnal Scripture.

Instantly, he faded away and disappeared into thin air.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Many dozen sharp, cold swords pierced through the place where Austin had just sat on.

As those sharp blades hit the ground, they knew they failed to hit their target.

Austin had thoroughly vanished from their sight.

Much to their irritation, those men in black robes finally decided to show themselves.

"How could this be? It's impossible!"

one of them exclaimed in disbelief.

He and his companions looked quite appalled to see no signs of Austin.

Their combined efforts in executing their brilliant secret skills to assassinate Austin had been put in vain.

They made sure to exhaustively plan everything to make sure that they could finish off Austin with just a single blow. However, Austin unexpectedly disappeared in an instant.

As those men glanced around, still dumbfounded, Austin's figure suddenly loomed in the void.

He moved at an incredibly fast speed, making him appear like a streak of light.

His white Infernal Sword rested in his hand as he rapidly dashed forward.


In just a swift motion of his hands, his sword pierced through one of the assassins.

Because Austin's movement was as fast as a strike of lightning, the assassin in black cloak could not dodge the attack.

As a result, he was cut in half, much like a freshly butchered meat.

His bones and flesh were thrown into the air as his blood splashed, creating a small red river on the ground.

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