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   Chapter 1793 The Rebuild Of The Flame Holy Land

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In a little while, the much-awaited moment finally came.

"Everyone, please follow me to the altar. Let us all pay our respect to the deity of heaven and earth and the ancestors of the Flame Holy Land!"

Elder Sharp stood up.

All the people of the Flame Holy Land followed Elder Sharp and stepped on the altar in the center of the big square.

Elder Sharp stood in front of the line. He was chanting a prayer as he led people of the Flame Holy Land to pay their respect to the deity of heaven and earth, and the ancestors of the Flame Holy Land.

At this time, the entire altar was constantly bursting out with dazzling mysterious runes.

The seven color rays of sunlight that wreathed the altar created a mysterious aura. On top of it were shadows of beasts that continuously appeared one after another.

This gathering was a formal ceremony. No one dwelt on the thought whether the heaven, the earth, the spirits, the ancestors, would accept their worship and prayers.

It had been a practice in the East Mainland that every sect would hold such a ceremony on its inauguration.

The ceremony symbolized the official establishment of a sect.

"From now on, we will rebuild the Flame Holy Land back into its glorious days. It will stand in the East Mainland once again.

To the deities of heaven and earth and our ancestors, with your blessings, may the Flame Holy Land be prosperous from now on!"

Elder Sharp chanted as he ended his prayer.

Elder Sharp imbued his voice with power upon uttering that last sentence. It sent billowing sound waves everywhere, creating an enormous momentum equal to ten thousand galloping horses.

The whole world resonated with Elder Sharp's thunderous voice.

Elder Sharp led the entire people of the Flame Holy Land to bow repeatedly in conclusion of the rebuilding ceremony.

"Congratulations! Finally, your Flame Holy Land will now be rebuild.

Elder Brendan, this is a simple gift from our Deep Sea Commercial House.

Please kindly accept it."

Yannick then waved his hand, and a Space Ring instantly flew towards Elder Brendan.

Elder Brendan was shocked after he scanned the Space Ring with his spiritual sense.

It contained piles of money on it.

"Although I'm very grateful, but I think it's too much. I don't think I can take it."

Elder Brendan shook his head.

"Ha-ha! It's not that much. Don't mention it.

Please take it. If you will refuse my gift, then you are really looking down on me,"

said Yannick.

Elder Brendan was left with no choice but to take his gift.

The Peacock King, the leader of the fire crow race, the clan leader of the Han Clan, and Ward also gave their presents in a Space Ring.

Each Space Ring contained an enormous amount of wealth that impressed Elder Brendan greatly.


d attacked the Flame Holy Land. However, they were merciless defeated, and they all fled in disgrace.

The sect leaders of two first-rate sects, the Kirin Sect and the Cyan Sect, were killed during the battle in Flame Holy Land.

It was a battle between the people of the seven major sects and one person from the Flame Holy Land.

That person was an ancient man from hundreds of thousands of years ago that had been resurrected recently in the Flame Holy Land.

The ancient man stood against the combined forces of the seven major sects and defeated them all on his own.

This was just a legend!

The news about the alliance formation of the five forces with the Flame holy land also circulated at the East Mainland. The attendance of the Peacock King with the beast race, the fire crow race, the Han Clan, the Deep Sea Commercial House, and Ward at the ceremony in the Flame Holy Land created a huge stir.

"The Flame Holy Land has truly risen. Now that it has been rebuilt, and has many powerful allies, no one in the East Mainland would dare to provoke the Flame Holy Land!"

"Yes. The balance in the Eastern Mainland is going to change. In the future when the Flame Holy Land has grown stronger, it will take an important role in the East Mainland."

"The old man from hundreds of thousands of years ago of the Flame Holy Land defeated the joint forces of the seven major sects all by himself.

He deserves to be called the strongest and most powerful man in the East Mainland."

The reconstruction of the Flame Holy Land had been the talk of the town of every warrior in the East Mainland.

A holy land that disappeared for more than a thousand years and was now being reconstructed attracted everyone's attention.

Every warrior in the East Mainland was now aware that the Flame Holy Land was very powerful now that it was being rebuilt.

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