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   Chapter 1792 Retreat Of The People From Seven Top Sects

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"You bum around all day and do nothing.

You should learn from your elder brother. I will be appeased if you can be at least half as good as him,"

Ward scolded Bray, showing disappointment.

"Dad! Please stop comparing me to my brother.

I will never be like him,"

Bray grumbled in a low voice.

"What did you just say? You dared answer back?"

Ward shouted as he placed his hands on his waist and glared angrily at his son.

"No, I said nothing!"

Bray was terrified of his father. He knew very well what he was capable of doing.

Ward soon calmed down and relaxed. He took Bray to the seat prepared for him and sat down.

"Humph!" the chief of the Han Clan snorted with a disgusted look on his face.

They assigned Ward to sit next to him. When the chief of the Han Clan saw Ward sit next to him, he turned his head away.

It turned out that Ward had once ransacked the mines of the Han Clan with his men and stole a multitude of crystals.

"Ha-ha! Come on, Mr. Han, don't be so mean to me. I will stop robbing your crystals anymore, alright? This is a joyous occasion. We are here to celebrate!"

Ward said smiling.

"You better remember what you said," the chief of the Han Clan answered coldly.

His face relaxed as he tried to hide the smile on his face.

Everyone in the East Mainland knew that much as Ward was the notorious leader of the bandits, he lived off robbing people, and he was a highly principled man. He always kept his promise. And his statement was such a relief.

On the other side, the Peacock King, the Roc King and the Flood Dragon King were all talking with the chief of the fire crow race.

The Peacock King used to be the leader of the beast race in the East Mainland, but the chief of the fire crow race was considered more senior than him.

They considered the strength of the chief of the fire crow race to be immeasurable.

The Peacock King was startled by the demonic aura he was releasing from time to time.

By now, the entire Flame Holy Land was filled with people.

There were the people of the Deep Sea Commercial House, Peacock King and his crew, the people of the Han Clan, the members of the fire crow race, and Ward and his subordinates. The total number reached eighty thousand!

Most of the guests were from the beast race and the fir

ore. It meant that the people of the Flame Holy Land would not fight alone. They were surrounded by powerful leaders and strong cultivators, all willing to fight and protect them.

The beast race, the fire crow race, the Deep Sea Commercial House, Ward and the Han Clan had formed powerful allegiance to the Flame Holy Land.

Each of them represented the most powerful force in the East Mainland.

Now that they had chosen to take the side of the Flame Holy Land, no one would risk provoking the Flame Holy Land and its people.

The high-level members of the seven sects came to the realization that they could not antagonize the people of the Flame Holy Land the way they did before.

Soon, the sky had cleared. People of the seven sects were nowhere to be seen.

Elder Sharp put away the nine-story scarlet tower and slowly descended to the ground where the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land was located.

In an instant, everyone in the headquarters including the guests swarmed towards Elder Sharp.

Elder Sharp was born hundreds of thousands of years ago, and he showcased his fighting ability. It was for everyone to see and witness during the battle.

Everyone was still in the state of shock.

The chief of the fire crow race, the Peacock King, the chief of the Han Clan, Yannick, Ward, the Roc King and the Flood Dragon King all went forward and greeted Elder Sharp. Their heads bowed down in respect.

Elder Sharp remained kind to all the guests. He smiled and shook hands with everyone with no air of conceit or pride.

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