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   Chapter 1791 Arrival Of The Fire Crow Race

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Upon seeing the chief of the Han Clan, Elder Sharp made several gestures with his hands, waving them in the air. Immediately, the light curtain which enveloped the Sect-protecting Array disappeared, and the entire array became visible for everyone to see.

People outside the array could see the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land again.

"Ha-ha! You are the chief of the Han Clan. Welcome!"

Elder Brendan greeted as he opened his arms to welcome the new arrival.

Being one of the three prominent clans, the Han Clan was the only top force in the East Mainland that was not hostile to the Flame Holy Land.

In fact, for the past decades, the Han Clan had been secretly helping the Flame Holy Land in a lot of their endeavors.

Just then.

Caw! Caw! Caw!

On the other side, hair-raising howls could be heard from the distant sky.

Soon, a raging fire sea appeared above the horizon and moved towards the direction of the Flame Holy Land. There was a heat wave in the air. Austin could feel the heat was coming from the immense fire.

The sea of flames came to a standstill right above the Flame Holy Land.

"I am from the fire crow race. I and my people have come to congratulate you on your rebuilding of the Flame Holy Land!" said a thin Taoist loudly.

He stood tall and talked with authority as he cupped his hands in front of him.

'They are from the fire crow race.'

Everyone was shocked and stared at the fire sea.

The fire crow race suddenly appeared in the Sunset City not long ago, and this shocked the whole East Mainland.

However, they had kept a low profile and had not mingled with people in the outside world ever since they re-appeared.

Out of the blue, they had come here to attend the reestablishment ceremony of the Flame Holy Land.

The three elders and four stewards of the Flame Holy Land did not understand what was going on.

'Our holy land isn't friends with the fire crow race.

Why did they come here?' they wondered.

"Hello Austin! It's nice to see you again.

I heard that you are now the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land. I am here to offer my congratulations on the rebuilding of your sect. Together with my folks we rejoice with you and your people.

I came here uninvited. I hope I did not cause you too much trouble," the thin Taoist said with a smile.

He fixed his eyes on Austin.

After hearing this, people realized that members of the fire crow race came because of Austin.

People started asking themselves why members of the fire crow race who had just reappeared after a long time would be good friends with Austi

and earth. Each flag was as red as blood and emitted powerful evil aura into the air. It looked as though they had been dyed red by the blood of people they had murdered in the past.

People on the ground, cowered in fear.

They knew the power of the eighty-one flags produced horrible results.

The three holy lords and the two clan chiefs stared at the eighty-one big flags in the void as they danced beside Ward. Every movement sent out a spirit of threat and fear among them.

It was the main reason the three holy lands and the three noble clans could not defeat Ward, despite their power and strength. The eighty-one flags was enough to protect Ward and kill them all.

The eighty-one big flags was the only magic weapon that could fight against the ultimate magical treasure in the East Mainland!


The chief of the Ji Clan stared at Ward, unable to say anything.

"Ward, don't waste your time on them. You are our guests. Please come in!"

said Elder Brendan.

Elder Sharp once again threw together formulas and shot them towards the Sect-protecting Array.

The entrance to the Flame Holy Land became visible on the array once again.

With a single wave of his hand, Ward led a thousand of his subordinates into the array and landed on the ground.


Brat, get your ass over here. I am your father. Are you really pretending that you don't know me?"

Ward shouted towards Bray who was standing beside Austin.

Bray exhaled deeply and ran towards Ward in a hurry. It seemed like he was terrified of Ward.

'I can't believe that Bray is Ward's son, ' Austin told himself silently, surprised.

He could not believe that his friend was the son of the most powerful and notorious bandit.

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