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   Chapter 1790 Elder Sharp Defeated The Enemy (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5721

Updated: 2020-01-04 19:07

Elder Sharp was far stronger than he was. And now he realized that he was simply not in a position to fight back.

Closely following the sect leader of Cyan Sect, Elder Sharp stretched out a palm. It rushed through the air and struck the leader of the Cyan Sect.

The newly-formed palm was very broad and powerful, flowing with a mysterious aura like a millstone. Instantly, he wiped out the vital energy force on the surface of the body of the leader of the Cyan Sect.


The leader of Cyan Sect shouted at the top of his lungs before he was torn to pieces. The debris which was earlier his body, flew in all directions.

Another leader of the top sect had been eliminated.

Silence prevailed all around.

The world seemed to have gone completely quiet.

At this juncture, the seven major sects had given up all the hopes they had.

The strength of an ancient of the Flame Holy Land, coming back from hundreds of thousands of years ago, was too terrifying.

Fighting against five supreme ultimate magical treasures alone, he didn't show any sign of losing. He even ended up killing two sect leaders of the top-ranking sects.

Elder Sharp's strength was beyond anyone's expectation and imagination.

Of course, it was with the help of the ultimate magical treasure of the Flame Holy Land and the power of the Sect-protecting Array that Elder Sharp was able to do all that.

Otherwise, if it was only the strength of Elder Sharp, it would be impossible for him to contend against five ultimate magical treasures.

Only the legendary great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm would fight against the ultimate magical treasure with his own strength instead of borrowing power from

ith deadly silence.

It was extremely depressing and horrifying.

No one uttered even a word.

"Ha ha! There are so many people here. It looks like I have missed something."

Suddenly, a loud laughter that resonated in the air came from the far distance in the sky.

Suddenly, several huge warships came into vision tearing through the sky. They reached the space in the sky above the Flame Holy Land.

On the warships, many flags could be seen fluttering in the wind. On every one of the flags, there was a beautiful word and it read 'Han', representing the Han Clan.

The people of the Han Clan, which was one of the three major clans in the East Mainland, had finally arrived.

"I am the master of the Han Clan. I take opportunity to speak on behalf of the members of the Han Clan and would like to congratulate you all on the reconstruction ceremony of the Flame Holy Land!"

A tall, middle-aged man walked out from one of the warships and laughed, cupping his hands. He was a man who possessed a heroic vibe around him. All of a sudden, all eyes were set upon the warships and the middle-aged man who had stepped out.

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