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   Chapter 1789 Elder Sharp Defeated The Enemy (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5922

Updated: 2020-01-04 19:07

"Hmm! All of you, the members of the seven sects, have bad intentions and are planning to destroy the heritage of the Flame Holy Land. But I will make you pay for it with your own blood!"

Elder Sharp's black hair fluttered in the cool wind as his eyes became as sharp as a knife. He stretched out his hand and pointed at the Sect-protecting Array below. As if on cue, the Sect-protecting Array started trembling vigorously. All of a sudden, the blazing divine radiance erupted once again.

Along with that, countless rays of divine radiance rose up and then turned into enormous swords.

Thousands of swords went up into the air. And wherever they went, the void was completely penetrated. In fact, they could even give insight into the depths of the void.

Suddenly, finding an apt opportunity, Elder Sharp rushed towards the sect leader of the Cyan Sect.


Those gigantic swords immediately went into a formation. They began to take positions beside Elder Sharp. Then they started moving towards the enemy at an immense speed.

At the same time, all the Taoist artists who were in the small world in front of Elder Sharp, began to chant the ancient scriptures. They were in a voice so loud that it resonated everywhere - probably throughout heaven and earth. As they kept chanting, a mysterious unknown aura engulfed Elder Sharp, making him look like a deity looking down on every living creature.

As that happened, the nine-story scarlet pagoda began shaking continuously. A lot of blood red energy was flowing out of the tower. It was so terrifying to see that the whole sky turned into a dark shade of red.

At that moment, the other people could do nothing but stare at Elder Sharp with their eyes wide open as they were filled with surprise.

eak of those mountains was as solid as an actual mountain peak.

Nearly at the same time, a shining halberd appeared in his hand. This halberd was blazing with black fire. It seemed to encompass a murderous aura.


The moment the leader of the Cyan Sect brandished his halberd, a horrible dark light shot out and dashed towards Elder Sharp. It moved so quickly that it looked like a long, terrifying black river.

But in the small world behind Elder Sharp, a Taoist man clad in ancient armor who was sitting cross-legged while meditating, suddenly stood up and slowly walked out with a magic treasure.

He swept the magic treasure into the air. Instantly, all those one hundred and eight huge mountains were blown up into nothingness. It was as if they hadn't existed in the first place.


The magic treasure struck the halberd of the sect leader of Cyan Sect and caused a sharp sound of metals colliding. Violent shock waves of high energy spread in all directions.

The sect leader of Cyan Sect was jostled as if he was struck by lightning. He flew backwards. His palm was bleeding and the skin between the fingers were torn due to the strong energy.

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