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   Chapter 1787 The Array Can Resist The Ultimate Magical Treasure

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"Listen up, everyone! Move to your positions and start surrounding the whole Flame Holy Land.

Make sure that no one from the Flame Holy land could escape this time!"

the leader of the Ji Clan commanded.

The people from the seven major sects immediately moved in different directions. They encircled the whole area and guarded it closely that not even a drop of water could trickle through it.

"Ha-ha! Their precious Flame Holy Land has already been destroyed for thousands of years, and now these foolish people still intend to rebuild it. Well, not a chance!

Today, the Flame Holy Land will turn into ashes.

Yannick, Peacock King, and everyone that colluded with the Flame Holy Land, I'll take care of you today!"

said the holy lord of the Vasteras Holy Land after he gave out a devilish laugh.

The three holy lords and two leaders of the great clans were on high spirits. The ultimate magical treasures in their hands gave them the confidence that they could easily defeat the people of the Flame Holy Land.

The horrifying strength of the ultimate magical treasures gave them a sense of invincible power. They felt so mighty and they thought that everyone was now at their mercy.

Although the Kirin Sect and the Cyan Sect were also two top-notch sects, they couldn't compare with the two other sects because they didn't have an ultimate magical treasure.

Still, the two sect leaders took out their most powerful magic treasures. They also secretly activated their most powerful martial skills to prepare their attack towards Austin.

"The people of the Flame Holy Land are bloodthirsty creatures. They take pleasure in killing and commit all kinds of crimes. They just bring shame and bad luck to the East Mainland. People like these should not exist.

Today, we, the top seven sects, are doing a good heavenly deed by exterminating you all!"

the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land said loudly. His voice seemed to be filled with a sense of justice.

"Austin, your hands are deeply stained with the blood of the people of our seven sects. You deserve to die!

If I don't kill you, the ghost of those dead people will not be able to rest peacefully.

Now is th

, nor could it be pierced through the power of spiritual sense.

The people of the seven sects were startled. The sudden turn of events left them disoriented.

"What kind of magic array it is? Even my spiritual sense could not get into it,"

the leader of the Ji Clan exclaimed.

Even the sect leaders of the seven major sects who were the strongest cultivators in the East Mainland failed to break into the array.

The reclusive elders of the top seven sects also released their spiritual sense, but they also failed to perceive what was happening inside the array.


The overwhelming power of the jade bracelet continuously bombarded the array.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The array started to shake, so was the jade bracelet in the sky.

The sky was like a vast ocean covered by a powerful energy wave.

Terrifying wide cracks continued to appear in the sky.

It was a horrifying scene. The earth and sky shook violently as if the world was about to collapse.

After a while, the intense battle between the jade bracelet and the array gradually subsided.

"I can't believe this. How is it possible? What kind of array it is? How can it withstand the attack of the ultimate magical treasure?"

The disciples of the seven sects were shocked.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they focused on the big array that covered hundreds of miles.

It was the first time they saw an array that could resist the attack of the ultimate magical treasure!

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