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   Chapter 1786 Five Ultimate Magical Treasures

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The Peacock King and Yannick marched through the path as directed by Elder Brendan. They landed at the former headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

Both of them had taken a lot of people with them.

Specifically, there were numerous men of the beast race who were exuding a strong demonic aura. Their number was estimated to be at least fifty to sixty thousand.

Suddenly, the whole place, which was the former headquarters of the Flame Holy Land, became noisy and was crowded with people.

The people of the Flame Holy Land were also very excited to see them.

They had been skeptical and thought that no one would come to the ceremony.

It was a fact that they hadn't expected the arrival of so many people.


The Peacock Princess came around. She was followed by a dozen maids.

"Congratulations! I heard about the Peacock King. I'm glad that he is fine now!"

Austin said with a genuine smile.

"I should thank you for that.

Those spiritual crystals that you gave me worked very well,"

said the Peacock Princess.

"Hey! I haven't seen you in a while. It looks like you are becoming manlier with each passing day!"

When Austin and the Princess were talking, Cheryl suddenly came up to Austin. Twisting her small waist to get closer, she leered at him.

She was wearing clothes made of a thin material which gave the full view of her curves. And through those clothes her full round breasts were faintly visible. She almost weighted them on Austin's body. A unique and alluring scent evaded from her and filled the air.

Austin almost had a nosebleed at this.


You must be joking."

Austin felt a little embarrassed and tried to take it as a joke as he struggled to wriggle away from her.

"You're still so reserved.

Let go of your shyness, little man. If you like them, you can touch them too!"

she spoke as she ogled Austin and winked at him seductively.

Just then, Elder Sharp, the three elders, and the Earth Hermit had already gone up to welcome the Peacock King and Yannick.

"Austin, come and meet the two seniors!"

Elder Brendan shouted calling Austin to their side.

"I'll be right there."

Austin felt relieved. He was glad to be called away from the imposing woman. He hurried and ran away to meet the two important people.

"Huh! He doesn't have the guts t

e Rudimentary Holy Land said, excited at the prospect of killing all their foes in one place.

"I have a feeling that the defense array here has been set very cleverly.

Rather, it should be more powerful!"

the holy lord of the Arcane Holy Land said with a frowning face.

"You are thinking too much!

Do you think there is any array in the East Mainland that can resist the attack of the ultimate magical treasure?

The ultimate magical treasure represents the peak of magic treasures in the world. In front of the ultimate magical treasure, all arrays are as fragile as glass!"

the chief of the Ji Family said.

"Yes, you're right!

Indeed, the ultimate magical treasure can destroy all arrays."

All the other sect leaders agreed with him.

"Okay, now that we have reached an agreement, let's start!

Let's kill them all!"

the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land said.

The other six sect leaders nodded in agreement and got ready to attack.

The next moment, chaos broke out.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Instantly, five streams of extremely terrible energy burst out in the air.

Waves upon waves of great power of the ultimate magical treasures soared. It looked like the whole sky was boiling.

The earth began shaking and so did the sky! All people were trembling with fear.

The holy lords of the three holy lands and the chiefs of the two families had taken out their treasures. Those were the ultimate magical treasures.

Seeing five ultimate magical treasures appeared in the air together, shocked everyone.

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