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   Chapter 1785 Congratulations From The Unexpected Guests

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"Humph! People from your Flame Holy Land are all cruel and merciless. Your warriors have killed countless innocent people in our East Mainland. Today is the time to even the score and avenge the lives of those innocent people.

That bastard, Austin, is the Holy Heritor of your land. It means that he is qualified to represent your land.

Four years ago, during the trial in the Wild Herb Valley, he led the people of your land to kill all the outer disciples from our major sects who entered the valley for trial.

Also, during the trial in the Spiritual Tower of the Angel City, he killed almost all the disciples of our seven major sects.

In the Five Elements City, all the disciples from the Arcane Holy Land, the Ji Clan and the Rudimentary Holy Land were killed by Austin.

Your Flame Holy Land should be responsible for the three murders. How else do you intend to compensate for our losses?

Besides, Austin killed many more disciples from the seven sects. If you add all the number of casualties, it is easy to imagine how many people he has killed," the holy lord of the Arcane Holy Land said, his face red with anger and indignation.

"More than that, one elder from our Rudimentary Holy Land was killed by Austin in the Sunset City and he even captured our another elder.

This murder, we blame it all on your Flame Holy Land.

Outside the Five Elements City, an elder of our land was killed by the people of your land.

Mad Old Man, how are you going to pay back all those numerous crimes that your Flame Holy Land has committed?"

the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land added.

"What? Austin, you killed an elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land in the Sunset City and captured another one alive?"

the Earth Hermit asked, his eyes filled with shock.

Elder Brendan and the rest people of the Flame Holy Land also looked at Austin in surprise.

It was a fact that the strength of elders of the holy lands was not weak. They possessed power that was forceful and unyielding.

Now Austin had killed an elder of a holy land. This piece of information, much as a cause for concern, amazed the people from the group.

Austin mentioned none of this to Elder Brendan and the others. No one suspected that this could even be possible.

"That's true. I killed one and seriously injured the other one."

Austin nodded.

"You are such a freak! You indeed have so many secrets.

I never saw this coming. How could you keep all these to yourselves?"

the Earth Hermit asked.

"Ha-Ha! Austin, well done! It is rare to have such an

pped at the sky above the Flame Holy Land.

When the clouds finally dissipated, an overwhelming number of the beast race appeared and almost filled the sky.

Three tall men walked ahead and took the lead of the large crowd.

"Ha-Ha! I, the Peacock King, has come to visit my friends in the Flame Holy Land. Please forgive me for my unexpected visit,"

a mighty and domineering man said as he stepped forward cupping his hands.

"He is indeed the Peacock King!"

Everyone's heart skipped a beat.

"Ha-Ha! It is an unexpected surprise! We are happy to have you here at the Flame Holy Land! We welcome you and your people! Mr. Ren and Peacock King, please come in and join us. Welcome!"

Elder Brendan was the first to react, and he could not be more delighted. His face became radiant with joy. He started sending his vital energy into the air.

The next moment, in a special spot in the air of Flame Holy Land, the vast space swayed as if an invisible gap had been open. Elder Brendan did this so that their special guests could come in through the gap.

"Mr. Ren, Peacock King, please lead your group and enter through the designated gap,"

Elder Brendan said loudly.

The leaders of the seven sects were all impressed, and it showed on the look on their faces.

"No wonder you are so confident. It turns out you have set up a defense array to protect your people,"

the holy lord of the Vasteras Holy Land said in a cold voice.

It turned out that the Sect-protecting Array deployed by Elder Brendan was so obscure, powerful and magical that none of the top warriors of the seven major sects had noticed it.

It was only now that they noticed the existence of such a strong array.

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