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   Chapter 1784 The Troops Of Seven Major Sects

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After returning to the Five Elements City, Austin released one thousand slaves at the Divine Bridge Realm and made them stay there with the hope of maintaining the order of the city.

Then, through the teleportation array in the castellan mansion, he and ten disciples of the Flame Holy Land were transported back to the headquarters.

Everything seemed to be in order back at the headquarters.

The boundless desert land, which used to be so dry and dull, now had been filled with mountains and forests that were planted with tall trees, fresh grass, and lush bushes.

The newly built palaces and buildings were also erected in various areas, making the headquarters come to life.

A large square that floated mid-air above the former headquarters of the Flame Holy Land were decorated with colorful lanterns.

Elder Sharp, three elders, Earth Hermit, four stewards, and a few hundred disciples stood on the square as the ceremony was about to commence.

A high platform was positioned in the middle of the square, serving as the altar for the rite.

It surrounded by various ancient runes that glowed mysteriously.

Over the altar, right above the clouds, legendary magic creatures such as green dragon, white tiger, red finch, black tortoise, and phoenix danced. They moved rhythmically to celebrate the re-establishment of the Flame Holy Land.

According to the customs of the East Mainland, people would build the altar and worship the deities and ancestors when they established a sect.

And the so-called rebuilding ceremony of the Flame Holy Land was actually about holding the rite on a good day.

"What time will the ceremony begin, Elder Brendan?"

Austin asked.

"At 9 o'clock in the morning,"

Elder Brendan curtly answered.

"I don't think we will have any guests,"

Austin uttered with a wry smile.

So far, no one seemed to have come, and the ceremony would start at any minute.

There were only a few hundred people in the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land. Austin thought it would be better if they celebrated this good day with some more guests.

"Our holy land holds a deep grudge against those top forces in the East Mainland.

Aside from that, we are still relatively weak in power compared to them.

Under this circumstance, no sects or cultivators would want anything to do with us.

So I don't think other people will attend our ceremony today.

But it doesn't matter. We declared the news just to let people in the East Mainland know the reinstitution of our holy land.

It was not really because we want more people to attend and w

out of here!" Elder Sharp suddenly uttered.

His voice thundered, sending sound waves rolling in the atmosphere.

More than that, the echo it produced showcased how enraged he was.

Elder Sharp seemed to intentionally increase his volume to exhibit how dominating he could be.

Because of this, a series of deafening echoes rang through the air.

The terrifying energy made the space around them shake violently.

Judging from the jelly legs of troops of the top seven sects, they were obviously affected by the energy Elder Sharp had released.

Some weak cultivators even passed out immediately––much to the shame of their clan or sect.

The power of Elder Sharp's bawl was so terrifying that it alarmed the enemies' troops.

Even Austin, who was already familiar with Elder Sharp, was shocked by the latter's strength.

The rest of the Flame Holy Land disciples also looked at Elder Sharp with admiration in their eyes.

"Well, cut the crap. We came here today because we wanted to seek justice from your holy land,"

the holy lord of the Rudimentary Holy Land said coldly with a sullen face.

The leaders of the other sects glanced at Elder Sharp with fear.

They all knew that he was the person who lived hundreds of thousands of years ago and had been brought back to life. So, it was to their knowledge that he was really way powerful than anyone else around.

"What? You wanted to seek justice?

That's ridiculous! You destroyed our base and murdered our disciples.

Yet you came here and ask me for justice? You've gotta be kidding me."

Elder Brendan couldn't believe what he just heard. His mocking laughter, paired with seething anger, gave away how he felt with their enemies' sentiments.

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