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   Chapter 1783 Meditation In The Moonlight

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Austin greeted the old man.

"Oh, you are the Holy Heritor. Nice to meet you!"

The old man greeted as he bowed to Austin.

Austin often walked on the streets of the Five Elements City, and by this time many people in the city could recognize him.

"I heard what you just said. You seem to know why there are sword-lights over there.

Can you tell me?"

Austin asked.

"Of course. I am more than happy to answer your question.

In fact, many people in the Five Elements City know what that sword-light is.

The place where the sword-light appeared is called the Divine Sword Cliff.

It is said that in the ancient times, a powerful cultivator of the Immortal Transforming Realm practiced sword on the edge of the cliff and left signs on it. These signs seem to have a hidden meaning, but no one knows.

Since then, people would see amazing sword-light shooting up into the sky at night in the Divine Sword Cliff. It is an incredible parade of extraordinary lights and symbols.

Legend has it that the sword-light was the sword intent left by that powerful cultivator years ago,"

the old man explained to Austin.

"I get it,"

Austin said as he nodded his head.

In the Divine Continent, the knowledge of martial arts had passed down from generation to generation for at least a million years.

For millions of years, countless relics and legends had spread over this continent.

Apparently, the Divine Sword Cliff was one of them.

"If you are interested, I can go with you,"

said the old man.

"That would be so nice of you. Thank you!"

Austin nodded with a smile. He felt relieved that someone knowledgeable was going with him.

The old man then flew into the air and moved towards where the sword-light came from.

It turned out that this old man was also a cultivator of martial arts.

Austin used his bodily movement skill to follow the old man.

Suddenly, Austin had a shocking thought.

The bodily movement skill of this old man was different... and strange!

His body movements looked clumsy because of his age, and the way he shifted from one move to the next seemed very slow. But in fact, his every step was a big stride.

It looked very deceiving, as if he was just taking one small step at a time.

But one step brought him a few kilometers ahead.

It was fascinating how this old man moved every part of his body. He seemed to exude a steady and unearthly aura. His breath mingled with the air commanding his movement. Everything about him was vague, but Austin felt an enigmatic aura around him.

'He's a tough nut to crack. The power this old man is exuding is beyond my imagination.

Definitely, he is not an ordinary

That's exactly the nature of the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship!"

It stunned Austin. He did not expect that the nature of the sword-light on the Devine Sword Cliff was the same as the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship.

As Austin dug deeper he realized that the sword-light was much more mysterious and powerful than the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship.

The combination of spiritual sense and sword aura was crucial in the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship.

While the sword intent in the Divine Sword Cliff was more in depth and powerful. Everything about it went beyond the physical realm. A lot of it was connected with the fundamental principles of heaven and earth.

Austin continued with his meditation. The more he witnessed, the more he got excited. Vaguely, he saw the heaven and earth as it begun to split and opened into a boundless void. Countless swords skyrocketed into the air and there must be hundreds of millions of them.

"Is this a clue to the fundamental rule of sword arts?"

Austin murmured.

Time passed by unknowingly to Austin.

In the east, the first ray of sunshine was already shining down on the land.

On the Divine Sword Cliff, the sword-light was no longer visible.

Austin finally woke up from his meditation.

'I will come here again for meditation when I have the time, '

Austin thought.

He could feel that the sword intent contained in the cliff was exceptional.

If he could gain a more intensive understanding of the swordsmanship, he would make great progress and advance in swordsmanship like no other.

But today, he had to come back to the Five Elements City.

Today, was the day of the opening ceremony of the reestablished Flame Holy Land!

Austin did not want to be late and miss any part of it.

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