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   Chapter 1782 Sword-lights In The Starry Night

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"By the way, Elder Sharp, why did you two suddenly come to the Five Elements City?"

Austin was clearly curious as to the former's intention.

"Brat, Elder Sharp intends to set up a teleportation array that can directly connect the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land to the Five Elements City.

Now that the array foundation in the headquarters has been completed, the only thing left to do is to set up another one in the Five Elements City.

That's why we came here––to lay out the foundation array in this city."

Before Elder Sharp could even utter a reply, Earth Hermit rushed to answer Austin's question.


Elder Sharp can arrange a teleportation array? Now, that's something!"

The excitement was so evident in Austin's tone as he spat out those words.

Profound and extensive knowledge of arrays was required to set up the remote teleportation array.

Moreover, it was to everyone's understanding that all the existing teleportation arrays in the East Mainland had come down from ancient times.

Now, none of the array experts in the East Mainland could set up a remote teleportation array.

Unexpectedly, Elder Sharp had the knowledge and ability to assemble one!

"Boy, what are you talking about?

Elder Sharp's array proficiency is much more powerful than you can imagine.

I've never praised anyone in my life except Elder Sharp. You can say that I'm his number one admirer."

From the way he talked, it was highly evident that Earth Hermit adored Elder Sharp very much.

"The teleportation arrays have already been arranged in the Fire City and the River City.

Now, only the construction of the array foundation in the Five Elements City has not commenced.

Those three cities are closest to the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land, so we should control them firmly as the base for our future development."

A conviction could be extracted from Elder Sharp's voice.

"That's great!

With the teleportation array that goes straight to our headquarters, the three cities will soon be under the control of the Flame Holy Land."

Austin's eyes twinkled with thrill and excitement as he exclaimed those words.

Then, Elder Sharp, along with Earth Hermit and Austin, began to set up the teleportation array foundation in the Five Elements City.

All of them decided to construct it in the castellan mansion as they thought it was the perfect place to do so.

As Elder Sharp deployed the array, Earth Hermit helped him to try putting it into action.

Meanwhile, Austin just stood aside and chose to intently watch them.

His eyes dazzled in admiration as he witnessed how extremely brilliant Elder Sharp's technique was.

As he further watched the two finishing the setup, he couldn't help but be deeply inspired. Perhaps, he should soon start learning that

serene ambiance.

It had not been long since the Five Elements City was placed under Austin's control.

He clearly knew that the royal family of the Flame Kingdom and the Ji Clan would never approve of this set-up.

What's more, in today's battle, the Ji Clan, the Arcane Holy Land, and the Rudimentary Holy Land all suffered a significant loss after losing one of their elders.

He knew better that those three major sects wouldn't let him go that easy.

They would undoubtedly hunt him down for revenge.

This was why Austin was very cautious.

Suddenly, his face turned stern.

With his spiritual sense, Austin perceived something nearby under the starry night sky,.

Several illusory sword-lights soared up in the west suburb of the Five Elements City in the night sky.

Each of them was huge, about hundreds of feet long. It skyrocketed and cut deep into the sky.

"What's going on?"

Austin murmured.

Driven by curiosity, he lifted himself into the air and looked into the distance where the sword-lights came from.

Under the night sky, the vast sword light escalated one after another and slashed fiercely in the atmosphere.

Staring at the enormous sword-lights, Austin had a vague feeling about them. He seemed to be familiar with those lights.

"Unexpectedly, the Sword Cliff is showing the abnormal vision again tonight that the sword-lights cut the sky."

There was low voice from the west of the Five Elements City.

The Sword Cliff?

Because of his powerful spiritual sense, Austin could clearly hear the voice.

Austin looked in the direction of the sound and found that it was an old man with gray hair. Standing on the corner of the west city wall, the latter glanced at the place where the sword-lights flared up.

"Does he know something?"

In a flash, Austin dashed to the old man's side, much to the latter's surprise.

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