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   Chapter 1781 All Of You Will Die

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The middle-aged man with thick black hair was Elder Sharp.

"Brat, you're awesome. You've improved a lot. You can now fight against three elders of the holy land on your own."

Another old man appeared beside Austin and gave him a thumbs up.

It was the Earth Hermit.

The presence of the elders made Austin felt relieved.

These elders were very powerful. The Earth Hermit alone could match a reclusive elder of the holy land, and Elder Sharp was even stronger than him.

Those three cultivators who wanted to kill Austin were just ordinary elders.

Earth Hermit could even handle them on his own.

The elders of the Arcane Holy Land, the Rudimentary Holy Land, and the one in black from the Ji Clan suddenly became alert and looked very scared.

They knew that the Earth Hermit and Elder Sharp were much more powerful than them.

"Three elders had to work together just to hit a lad. I'm impressed. I wonder if the people from your holy lands or clans enjoy bullying the weak, like what you just did?"

Earth Hermit sneered as he looked at the three elders.

"That's none of your business. You better stay out of this, Earth Hermit!

Don't meddle with the matters of our holy lands and prominent clans if you don't want to get yourself in trouble."

The elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land snapped rudely.

"Damn it! I really hate these kinds of people from the holy lands and prominent clans like you.

By the way, I heard that you are secretly searching for my whereabouts because you wanted to steal the treasures I got from Purple Immortal's tomb. Am I right?

Back in the Northern Mine District, you guys even tried to kill me.

Now, I have this brat's back against you. You cannot do anything to me,"

the Earth Hermit said and pouted his mouth.

"You are lucky this time, Austin. Let's go!" the old man in black from the Ji Clan said mockingly.

He then turned around and started to leave.

The elders of the Arcane Holy Land and the Rudimentary Holy Land also made their move. They gestured to their disciples to follow them as they retreated.

They knew that with the two elders around, they wouldn't be able to kill Austin.

It was impossible for them to defeat the Earth Hermit even if they attacked him altogether.

Aside from that, there was Elder Sharp, the one who stood next to Austin. He seemed to be a formidable opponent.

Although they couldn't figure out Elder Sharp's cultivation base, they knew that he was too powerful for them to handle.

They believed that Elder Sharp was one of the elders of the ancient Flame Holy Land that had been brought back to life in the Northern Mine District.

These elders knew that they couldn't match the power of the cultivator that was born hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The elders of the Arcane Ho

avatar became more powerful the more blood and flesh essence it absorbed.

"Your avatar is very powerful.

It will become a great assistant," Elder Sharp said while studying Austin's demonic avatar.

Elder Sharp had already killed the elders of the Arcane Holy Land, Rudimentary Holy Land, and the elder from the Ji Clan.

That was why he was able to witness how the demonic avatar killed its targets.

"Elder Sharp, do you think my avatar is too evil?"

Austin asked worriedly.

"There are different kinds of powers in the world.

It doesn't matter if your avatar is evil or not.

It all depends on you.

As long as you don't use it to do bad things, I don't see any problem using your demonic avatar regardless of how evil it is,"

Elder Sharp replied with a smile.

"You're right!" Austin replied.

He suddenly became excited.

'It doesn't matter even if I utilize this kind of power. As long as I use this with the right purpose, no one can accuse me of being evil by resorting to it, ' he thought.

"Well, I should not waste these three corpses. Let's make them more useful," he said with a grin.

Austin summoned his demonic avatar. It instantly devoured the corpses of the three top elders. It first absorbed the blood and flesh essence from the body of the elder in black from the Ji Clan, then followed by the elder of the Arcane Holy Land, and the last one was the elder of the Rudimentary Holy Land.

Austin found that the strength of his demonic avatar increased a lot after the consumption of the three top elder's bodies.

'The demonic avatar gained more power after absorbing the blood and flesh essence from the three elders compared to what has been absorbed from the several hundred disciples from the three sects.

So the stronger the cultivator was, the more blood and flesh essence he contains, '

Austin thought.

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