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   Chapter 1780 The Siege Of The Three Elders

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The elders of the Ji Clan, Arcane Holy Land, and Rudimentary Holy Land were wrapped with the fluctuation of the powerful vital energy force. It was also suppressing the surrounding space.

They focused their eyes on Austin as they were waiting for an opportunity to kill him at any time.

Actually, these three elders of the three sects rarely appeared in public.

Ordinary warriors didn't even have many chances to meet them. So they were really surprised to see that these elders personally appeared this time to unite and kill Austin together.

But Austin didn't show any signs of alarm at all. He was still calm as he faced the three elders.

Everyone around him couldn't help but marvel at Austin's extraordinary ability, no matter he was a sworn enemy or not.

Even the three elders sighed in their minds. They thought, 'Why don't we have this kind of young man in our sect?'

"Let's cut the crap!" said the elder of the Arcane Holy Land.

"We will give you two options, Austin. It's either you destroy your own cultivation base as our punishment to you or you will wait for us to kill you. Make your choice now!"

The elder of the Arcane Holy Land was now covered with a layer of purple lights.

He was dazzling while giving off an invisible pressure toward Austin.

"Ha ha! You three old men. You want me to destroy my own cultivation base? You wish!" said Austin between laughs.

While having an argument with the three elders, Austin was also using his mind to send Rahul, Bray, and the other disciples of the Flame Holy Land to the Slave Tower.

He was worried that they might get hurt during his fight with the three elders.

This time, Austin stood in the air alone.

This way, he had nothing to worry about.

"How dare you talk nonsense in front of the elder of the Arcane Holy Land? Do you want to die now?"

"Austin, you better kneel down and apologize to our elder! Beg him for mercy or else, you will die miserably!"

"Ha ha! In my opinion, it's useless for Austin to kneel down and apologize. He shall be executed because he had offended our elder."

"Just dismember him into pieces!"

"Kill him now!"

Behind the elder of the Arcane Holy Land, the disciples were scolding Austin harshly.

Austin heard everything they had said. His eyes grew icy cold. He glanced at the disciples of the Arcane Holy Land.

"Do you want to die?" he asked.

The disciples of the Arcane Holy Land became more pissed off when they heard what Austin had said. They pointed at him and shouted more harsh words.

Austin's eyes revealed an intense desire to kill.

He then uttered some spells under his breath.

The two-meter high Spiritual Pot instantly ap

of law power came down from the sky and merged together. Then the space where Austin stood was blocked completely.

Austin felt very heavy. It was as if three mountains were pressing on his body. He couldn't move even his fingers.

A torrent of evil energy gushed out of his body and tried to break the seal of the three types of law power.

Fortunately, it was able to help. He could barely move now even so slowly. And his demonic avatar was still working.

"Kill him quickly!" shouted one elder, "His demonic avatar is very strange. It may be able to break the seal of our law power."

The three elders immediately turned themselves into three flashes of lightning and rushed at Austin in a flash.

'The joint power of the three elders is really scary. It seemed that even my demonic avatar couldn't withstand their attack, ' Austin thought to himself.

He didn't expect that the three elders would joint their powers, and they would even attack him altogether.

'Damn it! I stirred up a hornet's nest.'

Since the space was blocked, his teleportation power also didn't work.

He actually relied on it to get in and out of the Slave Tower.

But since the space around him was completely blocked, his teleportation power couldn't be of use.

He needed to find another way to escape. He must think quickly before it was too late.

But before he could think of anything, a loud voice was suddenly heard.

"How dare you try to kill the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land? You're courting death!"

A middle-aged man with black hair and beautiful eyes suddenly appeared next to Austin. He then waved his hand and the three kinds of law power that blocked Austin immediately vanished.

"Elder Sharp!"

Austin was overjoyed to see Elder Sharp. He showed up just in time.

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